Sean Hannity Joins Roseanne Barr Battle With Journalist Over ABC Sitcom Reboot


Sean Hannity has weighed in on Roseanne Barr’s battle with Jared Yates Sexton over her ‘Roseanne’ reboot on ABC.  Yates authored an Elle Magazine article saying the Roseanne revival on ABC “ignores the very real racism of many white working class families.”

Watching the debut, Sexton wrote, “what shocked me was how much they reflected an idealized version of Trump’s base instead of the reality of white, working-class America, where racism and bigotry is hardly contained.”

Unlike the first iteration of the series, “the fights onscreen no longer resemble reality,” Sexton said. “The debates are all about ‘jobs’ and ‘healthcare’ and never once veer into the subjects of race or intolerance. For someone to accept Donald Trump’s worldview, let alone actively support it the way Roseanne Conner does, they must at the very least be comfortable with bigoted rhetoric and policies.”

In a series of tweets over the weekend, Sexton called the new comedy series “a dream machine for someone like Steve Bannon, who worked so hard to convince potential voters that supporting Donald Trump didn’t mean they were prejudiced.”

Additionally, Sexton cautioned, some of the Trump base conspiracy theories, including one recently tweeted about by the actress, are “exactly what’s happened in Russia to secure Putin’s power. The goal is to create a environment where there is so much deception and confusion that people simply give up and accept whatever they’re given.”

Since his article published, Sexton says he’s been contacted by “multiple people at ABC who’ve told me there’s a real discomfort among many of the employees with the propagandist nature of the reboot and a feeling that the project is meant to monetize Trump’s base.”

Roseanne fired back: “Oh really. which episode r they uncomfortable about? the one where we get a dog, or my mom gets a boyfriend or I drive for uber or darlene gets a new job or david comes back? which ones monetize trump’s base?”


Sexton spelled it out again, for her:

At this point Fox News Channel star Sean Hannity weighed in. That included an online article claiming Roseanne had “shredded” Sexton in the exchange. Hannity himself also tweeted “Ouch!” with a link to the online post:

Monday morning, Sexton snarksponded:

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