‘Ready Player One’ Grabs $128M Abroad While Taking $181M+ Globally; ‘Peter Rabbit’ Crosses $200M – Int’l Box Office

By Anita Busch, Nancy Tartaglione

Warner Bros.

Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One, with what amounts to 85% of its international footprint stomping across the globe, has grossed $128M in 62 territories. Warner Bros. enjoyed its biggest weekend ever in China where it opened to $61.7M on its 18,200 screens. That one territory — where it has enjoyed a high Douban score of 9.2 — accounted for more than half of its screens as the virtual reality themed-film based on the Ernest Cline book played on 35,600 screens this weekend overseas. The global tally for the weekend is a big $181.3M. It also was the No. 1 film in North America.

Black Panther

Meanwhile, the Disney/Marvel dynamo Black Panther has passed Beauty and the Beast to claim the all-time No. 11 spot on the global stage with $1.273.9B. It will soon surpass Frozen ($1.277M) to take its place in the Top Ten global performers of all time.

Sony got some good news this weekend, too. Its family film Peter Rabbit hopped across $200M globally and its international gross is holding strong with $32.1M this weekend for a $120.1M total in his basket. The film is tracking well above the first Paddington which was a big Easter holiday film when it bowed in 2015. And the rabbit skunked Spielberg in the U.K., coming in as the No. 1 film in that market. And this is its third week in play there. Ouch! Ready Player One was also bested in the Philippines by Pacific Rim: Uprising.

Now, here’s the thing to watch for — half of these markets are still on holiday break where in Europe they celebrate Easter Monday — so all films are likely to perform strongly through Monday. In addition, many markets are already starting school holidays in the coming weeks which is expected to further bolster attendance.

Right now, it’s no surprise that Ready Player One opened to No. 1 across Europe, Latin America and Asia. On Imax, the film grabbed $12.5M from 811 screens internationally, with China accounting for $7.2M from that country’s 511 screens. Global total on Imax was $19.1M worldwide from its 1,216 screens in 64 markets. Next weekend, Warner Bros. will see an additional 21 Imax screens in six more markets including Germany.

Going into the weekend, estimates for the film from experts had it coming in anywhere between $100M and $120M so the film has done better than expected. The Spielberg name is the draw for this Warner Bros./Village Roadshow/Amblin film.


Now we’ll look at the territory by territory breakdown for the film, which ranked No. 1 in China where it opened to $61.7M and took 76% of the share of the Top 5 films. While comps in China can really differ from the rest of the world, it is safe to say that it is on par with Pacific Rim 2 and performed 77% better than Maze Runner 3. It also performed better by about 50% over Tomb Raider and Jumanji and more than doubled the opening of Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Maze Runner 3.

Ready Player One saw a big jump from Friday to Saturday, too, which is unusual for a new IP. Last year The Fate of the Furious (Furious 8) saw an increase from 419M to 504M yuan — an 85% jump. The same can be said for Ready Player One, which is fantastic for a brand new title. It also jumped an impressive 85% from Friday to Saturday in China. The gaming aspect has clearly had a positive effect in Asian markets.

The comps the studio is looking at for this film are Kong: Skull Island, Pacific Rim 2 and The Hunger Games, so with that in mind, let’s look how Ready Player One shaped up in its key opening territories this weekend:

In Korea, Ready Player One was the No. 1 foreign film and came in by a narrow margin behind a local title. It grossed $8.1M from 1,079 screens.  Those results were on par with Kong: Skull Island and 19% ahead of Pacific Rim 2 and it more than tripled the opening of The Hunger Games.

Steven Spielberg
‘Ready Player One’ film premiere, London, UK – 19 Mar 2018
James Gourley/REX/Shutterstock

In Europe, overall, it opened 7% ahead of Kong Skull Island’s debut weekend and 28% ahead of Maze Runner 3 while bettering the opening performance of Pacific Rim 2 by 77%.

Spielberg flew into London for the premiere and then went onto Rome to receive the David di Donatello lifetime achievement award so made his presence known prior to release to help market the film.

Specifically, in the U.K., Ready Player One grossed an estimated $7.3M from 1,251 screens, narrowly ranking No. 2 behind Sony Animation’s Peter Rabbit. In addition to coming in ahead of the comps already listed above, the film came in on par with The Hunger Games opening.

Other top markets results include Russia, where it was No. 1 and took a significant (58%) of the Top 5 grossing films. With a gross estimated at $6.1M from 2,793 screens, the film surpassed the opening of Kong: Skull Island by 21%, Maze Runner 3 by 39% and The Hunger Games by 78%.

In France, the film enjoyed a 47% share of the Top 5 films, grossing an estimated $6M with 650K admissions from 719 screens to become the No. 1 film at the box office. Exceeding the comps in Europe listed above, they are coming in on par with the opening weekend results of Interstellar and about 47% ahead of The Hunger Games.

Mexico is next with a No. 1 ranking and an estimated take of $4M from its wide release of 2,083 screens. These results are significantly ahead of The Hunger Games and about 24% ahead of Maze Runner 3.

The film also saw a No. 1 opening with 37% box office share of the Top 5 films in Spain, grossing an estimated $3.1M from 570 screens. Along with overperforming against the comps for Europe, Ready Player One‘s opening weekend results also came in 12% better than the opening of The Hunger Games.

In Australia, it grabbed a 31% box office share of the Top 5 films, grossing an estimated $3.1M from its 480 screens. That opening weekend result vaulted past Pacific Rim 2 by 48% and also topped Maze Runner 3 by 17%.

Italy took the No. 1 spot with 36% of the box office share of the Top 5 films, grossing an estimated $3.1M on 570 screens.  In addition to the comps above for Europe, they ended up 65% ahead of The Hunger Games. One worthy note here is that Italy has tended to embrace Spielberg dramas. Also, Italy will remember Ready Player One star Ty Sheridan from his role in the drama Mud years earlier because he ended up being honored with the Marcello Mastroianni prize at the Venice Film Festival.

Across the Latin America region, Ready Player One was No. 1 and in like markets bested the opening of Maze Runner 3 by about 11%. In Brazil, the film was the No. 1 foreign film (behind local title Nada a Perder) and grossing an estimated $2.2M from 767 screens. Those results came in on par with Maze Runner 3 but outperformed The Hunger Games by 31%. With Pacific Rim as the comp, Ready Player One outperformed the opening by 44%.

Next up is Germany on Thursday April 5 where it will see that influx of Imax openings. It runs into Japan on April 20. By the way, Spielberg is planning on traveling to Japan ahead of the debut there.

From Fox International Productions and FoxStar, this film from only ten markets has grossed $15.2M from its 3,748+ screens. It ranked No. 1 in the market and is the 15th biggest Bollywood opening of all time in India. The romance/actioner is a sequel to the 2016 film of the same name and is actually a remake of the 2016 Telugu movie Kshanam. The film stars Tiger Schroff and Disha Patani. It has earned Schroff the title of best action hero as it now becomes the top title so far in 2018, surpassing the previous favorite Padmaavat.

The film, which employs martial arts, was directed by Ahmed Khan and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala under his banner Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment. This film enjoyed the largest Good Friday opening in Bollywood and is the seventh largest debut for an action film in the region. It is also the 15th highest Bollywood film debut of all time.

In its second market, the U.K., it opened to $215K only 48 screens to take the No. 13 spot at the box office.

Opening in only four markets this weekend — the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand — this comedy grossed $5M in its debut weekend. The film, distributed by Universal Pictures International, is an American comedy that premiered stateside at the film festival South By Southwest in Texas; it won’t debut in North America until April 6th. The film stars Leslie Mann and Jon Cena about parents who try to stop their kids from losing their virginity on prom night.

In the U.K. and Ireland, Blockers is tracking above Trainwreck, Sisters, The Boss and Why Him? and is No. 4 at the box office.

Sony Animation

With a cume of $230.7M worldwide and still hopping through this weekend and through Easter Monday (mainly in Europe), Sony Animation’s Peter Rabbit is a big success story for the studio.

The family film put another $32.1M in its Easter basket and took the carrot away from Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One in the U.K. market where it pulled in $8.4M in its third week of play. Impressive performance for its top-performing market ($30.9M after this weekend). It also took the No. 1 spot in Germany with $3.1M for the weekend (Ready Player One hasn’t opened there yet). It was just a hare … oops, hair … behind Ready Player One in Australia. It grabbed $3M and the Spielberg film came in at $3.1M.

With school holidays and kids out in force, the animated film will continue to play strong through the beginning of April. Right now, it has an international tally of $120.1M in 55 markets. It’s playing on 11,700 screens.

The film debuted in another 17 markets this weekend, led by the Netherlands which grabbed (including previews) $1M and Belgium with $790K (including previews). In these same markets, Peter Rabbit bested both Paddington and Paddington 2 by 30% and 48%, respectively.

It is currently No. 1 in 14 markets and has enjoyed great holds this Easter weekend. Beyond the aforementioned UK performance, the film’s top markets are China ($25.6M), Germany ($7.8M), Russia ($7.7M), Australia ($6.3M), Spain ($4.9M) and Mexico ($4.1M).

It opens next weekend in France, followed by South Korea and Japan in May.


Legendary/Universal’s Pacific Rim: Uprising is still playing in 63 markets (the studio added two this weekend) for a weekend take of $31.4M and a cume of $186.6M. That brings the worldwide tally to $232.3M, according to ComScore.

The two new markets were Hong Kong and the Philippines. In Hong Kong, it debuted to No. 2 with $1.67M, only behind Ready Player One. It is tracking in line with Warcraft there and above both Edge of Tomorrow and The Great Wall. In the Philippines, Pacific Rim: Uprising opened ahead of Ready Player One to take the No. 1 spot. Its two-day weekend so far is tracking above the three comp films as well.

It dropped a big 79% in Russia in its second weekend and was No. 3 behind Ready Player One and Peter Rabbit. The Russian territory total is now $9.89M. The film dropped 57% in Mexico in its second weekend of play; it has a cume now of $9.49M there. It’s holding strong in Germany right now, down only 22% in its second frame; total tally there is $4M.

Next weekend, Pacific Rim: Uprising will bow in Portugal and Hungry, followed by one of the film’s key markets — Japan — on April 13.

Warner Bros.

The Warner Bros./MGM Tomb Raider, which stars Alicia Vikander, is still playing in 66 markets on about 11,800 screens. The actioner grossed another $12M this weekend to add to its running international total of $194.6M. Worldwide, the gross is now $245.1M.

Its top play is China with $75.8M where it got hit hard last weekend by the opening of Pacific Rim: Uprising. The next top market is the U.K. with $9.1M, followed by France with $8M and Russia with $7.4M. In Germany, it’s worth noting that it dropped a mere 7% this Easter weekend where moviegoing is robust; it has a total tally there of $5.8M.


Disney/Marvel’s Black Panther is on its way into the Top 10 highest-grossing film of all time globally. It’s No. 11 now but that will likely change next weekend when it bests Disney’s own animated powerhouse Frozen. The highest grossing superhero film that features a solo crimestopper is a global Wakanda wonder right now with $1.273.9M compared to Frozen‘s $1.277M. It is only a matter of time before it gets the No. 10 spot.

This weekend it took in another $7.7M for an international cume of $623.2M internationally.

Worth noting is South Africa, where Black Panther continues to be the No. 1 movie in its seventh weekend of release ($7.9M estimated cume to date). Box office for the region has now crossed $220M ($220.5M estimated to date, or the No. 4 MCU release of all-time).

It is currently the No. 5 North American release of all time as it crossed $650M this weekend and has its eye squarely on Jurassic World‘s $652M take.

Around the globe, this film has been nothing but gold for the studio. This weekend, Europe saw yet another strong weekend with an overall regional drop-off of just -32% from last weekend. Strong holdovers were seen in Denmark (+30%), Germany (+7%), Switzerland (+2%), South Africa (-4%), Belgium (-17%), UK (-21%) and Netherlands (-25%).

Across the Asia-Pacific region, especially strongholds were seen in Singapore (-25%), Australia (-36%) and New Zealand (-42%). Box office for the region has now crossed $300M ($300.6M estimated to date). Likewise in the Latin American region where strongholds were seen in Chile (+10%), Colombia (-25%), Argentina (-29%) and Mexico (-38%).  Box office for the region has now crossed $100M ($101.6M estimated to date).

The Top Five markets around the world for Black Panther are China ($104.5M) followed by the U.K. ($65.2M), South Korea ($42.8M), Brazil ($35.4M) and France ($31.1M).

20th Century Fox

This spy thriller from Fox and Chernin Entertainment grabbed another $5M this weekend to bring its total tally up to $84.2M internationally. The only opening this weekend was in Japan where it was the No. 5 MPAA film in the market. Including previews, Red Sparrow grossed $966K on 336 screens. Not exactly setting the world (or the domestic box office on fire), this birdie has flown in with $129.89M globally.


Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time was able to gross another $4.8M this weekend to bring its international cume up to $21.1M and its global tally to $104.4M. So, it broke through the $100M worldwide box office ceiling, despite a less than stellar overseas performance.

This Ava Duvernay-directed film based on the classic children’s book by Madeleine L’Engle opened in a number of new markets this weekend, including Italy, Australia, Brazil and Mexico along with many other Latin American territories (Venezuela, Argentina, Paraguay, etc.). In Australia, it earned $800K.

Across Latin America, it grossed roughly $2.9M throughout the region, with Mexico leading the charge with $1.1M (that included previews), followed by Chile ($500K), Brazil ($400K) and Argentina ($300K).

In holdover markets, it dropped only 20% in Spain in its third weekend of play and only by 37% in the U.K., bolstered by the Easter holiday. Its top international territory to date is Russia with $6.4M to date.

The beloved animated film from Disney/Pixar which won Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song for “Remember Me,” at this year’s Oscars is still racking up the box office grosses abroad. It took in $4.2M this weekend as it has now played out in 100% of its international footprint. Its international cume now is $570.8M for a big global tally of $780.3M.

In its third weekend in Japan, it continues to hold well. Japan has long embraced Disney/Pixar animated films and this one is no exception as it took in another $3.3M from that territory alone this weekend. That means that it only dropped 8% from its sophomore frame to bring its cume to date to $25.1M.

The film’s best performing territory in its run was China with a whopping $183.5M followed by Mexico ($57.9M) and France ($33.2M).

The Greatest Showman (FOX): $2.7M int’l weekend (12 markets); $242.1M international cume
The Boss Baby (UNI): $2.9M int’l weekend; $16.8M cume
The Post (UNI): $2.5M (25 markets, opened to No. 5 in Japan); $35.3M cume
Sherlock Gnomes (PAR): $2.5M int’l weekend (27 markets with 8 openings, including Mexico’s $1.1M); $8M cume
Isle of Dogs (FOX): $2.3M int’l weekend (opened in the U.K. only); $2.3M cume
The Shape of Water (FOX): $2.25M int’l weekend (36 markets); $127.1M cume
Mary Magdalene (UNI): $1.8M int’l weekend (37 markets); $8.3M cume
Love, Simon (FOX): $1.6M int’l weekend (2 markets with opening in Australia); $1.6M cume
Unsane (FOX): $1.3M int’l weekend (8 markets with openings in Germany, Russia); $2.62M cume
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (FOX): $946K int’l weekend (27 markets); $101.19M cume
Darkest Hour (UNI): $800K int’l weekend (34 markets, opened in Japan with $533K, No. 11); $89.6M cume
Lady Bird (UNI): $400K int’l weekend (32 markets); $21.9M cume

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