Stephen Colbert, Seeking ‘Roseanne’s Trump Bump, Calls CNN “Fake News”


Stephen Colbert wants some of those 18.2 million people who watched the revival of Roseanne this week on ABC. Colbert also wanted to ding CNN for mistaking his show for Saturday Night Live in its coverage of his Wednesday guest Dana Carvey, who did a bit in which he played new National Security Adviser John Bolton.

In the Roseanne reboot, Roseanne the character, like Roseanne Barr the actress, is a Trump supporter, while her made-for-TV sister, played by Laurie Metcalf, voted for Jill Stein. Some critics called the show’s premise “refreshing.”

“I would like 18 million people to watch my show. So let me serve up some refreshment right now, and I mean this sincerely,” Colbert told his audience. “I agree with Donald Trump about something: CNN lies.”

The morning after Carvey’s “very subtle nuanced portrayal” of Bolton,  CNN posted about it, with the headline “Look Who’s Playing Bolton on SNL.”

“Fake News! I take everything back. I apologize. Donald Trump is a great president!” Colbert said.

He offered CNN some advice.

“Here’s how you can tell that clip wasn’t on Saturday Night Live: It was a Wednesday. We tape during the daytime. And we’re not live. You got three things wrong – in three letters!”

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