Roseanne Asks Fans: Anderson Cooper Or Sean Hannity’s TV Program Tonight?


Roseanne Barr, basking in the glow of her returned ABC sitcom’s huge ratings, took to Twitter this morning to ask fans whether she should agree to booking on Anderson Cooper’s CNN program and/or Sean Hannity’s FNC show.

She’s already been on Good Morning America, by phone only,  to talk about the call she got from President Donald Trump, congratulating her for the 18.2 million viewers her Roseanne reboot clocked on Tuesday; ABC is set to repeat the debut episode this Sunday.

“Should I go on Anderson Cooper’s show? What do you think?” Roseanne tweeted to followers, followed shortly by another asking, “Should I got on @seanhannity?”

In the Hannity camp, responses included:

“Sean Hannity is neck and neck as the Number 1 Ratings king with Rachel MadCow. He presents th Real News, unlike the tabloid Shithole Porn network CNN, and Joke MSNBC. Please come on Hannity. Ignore the other Fake News Clowns and networks. Congrats on the amazing ratings.

In the Anderson Cooper camp:

“I[t] would be fun to see you slice and dice Anderson Fake News Cooper”


“Yes. Because 1. You aren’t afraid of him 2. You can use his platform to expose the hypocrisy that they always run away from.”

Roseanne’s tweets:

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