‘Ready Player One’ Raises Global Score To $109M Through Three Days

Warner Bros.

3rd Update Saturday AM: Warner Bros./Village Roadshow’s Ready Player One‘s running worldwide tally through yesterday stands at $109M. That’s $27.2M for the first two days in U.S./Canada, $39.2M in China and another $42.6M from overseas markets, some of which began three days ago.

Warner Bros.

Coming off that hot Douban score of 9.2 which is up there with Coco is seeing a $25.2m Saturday for Ready Player One, still in the top spot. The Steven Spielberg movie is in play on 17K screens and it’s conceivable that the VR movie winds up with a $60M opening. The movie’s gaming factor is the draw here.

Here’s the rest of the foreign story:

UK (Day 2):  Ranked #2 for the day, grossing an estimated $2.2m from 1,251 screens. Cume is now $3.8m.  WB expects to see a boost for a No. 1 notch for the weekend.

Russia (Day 2):  Rank #1 maintaining 60% box office share of the Top 5 films, grossing an estimated $1.2m from 2,793 screens. The cume is $2.3m.

 Korea (Day 3):  Rank #1 foreign film (still neck and neck behind local title), grossing an estimated $1.2m from 1,080 screens. The cume is $2.9m.

 Mexico (Day 2):  Rank #1 capturing nearly 40% box office share of the Top 5 films, grossing an estimated $988k from 2,188 screens. The cume is $2.0m.

 Spain (Day 2):  Rank #1 taking roughly 40% share of the Top 5 films, grossing an estimated $931k from 570 screens. The cume is $1.6m.

 Australia (Day 2):  Rank #2, grossing an estimated $905k from 480 screens. The cume is $1.5m. Rebound expected for a No. 1 weekend win.

France (Day 3):  Rank #1 taking 46% share of the Top 5 films, grossing an estimated $863k with 93k admissions from 719 screens. The cume is $2.2m.

Brazil (Day 2):  Rank #1 foreign film (behind local title), grossing an estimated $664k from 767 screens. The cume is $1.1m.

Italy (Day 3):  Rank #1 with 41% box office share of the Top 5 films, grossing an estimated $472k on 603 screens.  The cume is $1.1m.

2nd Update, Friday: Ready Player One including its full domestic Thursday of $12M is currently up to $40.3M worldwide.

$14.6M of that figure comes from China which reps the third best debut for a Warner Bros. movie of all-time. Opening day results there are +15% over Tomb Raider, +19% ahead of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and +44% ahead of Star Wars: The Last Jedi and +69% ahead of Maze Runner: The Death Cure. RPO is in play on 15,800 screens in China and received a 9.1 review rating on Douban, which is huge considering most Hollywood movies have scored a 6 or 7 review rating.

Thirty-seven other markets that debuted on Thursday pulled in $10.4M on 15k screens for a $13.7M total.

Breaking that out for Day 1:

UK:  Ranked #1 on a non-traditional Thursday, with nearly 40% share of the top 5 films and grossing an estimated $1.5m on approximately 1200 screens (including Wednesday sneaks). Excluding previews, RPO surpassed the opening day of Death Cure by +40%, Kong: Skull Island by +41% and Pacific Rim: Uprising by +64%.

Russia:  Rank #1, dominating the market with a 60% share of the top 5 films and grossing an estimated $1.1m from 2,793 screens. That’s on par with Pac Rim 2, +64% ahead of Skull Island and +72% ahead of Death Cure. .

Mexico:  Also No. 1, capturing nearly 40% share of the top 5  on a non-traditional Thursday debut and pulling in an estimated $980k, including Tuesday previews, from 2,072 screens. That’s in sync with Death Cure and 38% ahead of Pac Rim 2. 

Spain:  Rank #1 with a 41% box office share of top 5 with $688k from 570 screens.  It bests Death Cure (+20%), Skull Island (+76%) and it’s more than double what Pac Rim 2 did.

Australia:  Rank #1, grossing an estimated $544k from 480 screens which is +24% ahead of Death Cure and +52% over Pac Rim 2.

Brazil:  Ranked second behind a local title with $392k from 767 screens. That’s ahead of Pac Rim 2 by 80%.

Day 2 B.O.:

South Korea:  Is second in a close call with a local title dominating the chart with $727K from 944 screens, $1.7M running total.

France:  Rank #1 with a 50% share of the top 5, grossing an estimated $523k with 57k admissions from 719 screens. Running cume is $1.3m.

 Italy:  Rank #1 capturing 41% box office share of the Top 5, grossing an estimated $355k on 604 screens.  Running tally is $678k.

Warner Bros.

1st Update, Thursday: Warner Bros. is reporting an opening day of $2.9M for Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One in 11 territories with when previews are included a running overseas tally of $3.2M off 4,075 screens. Coupled with stateside Wednesday night previews of $3.75M, Ready Player One as of right now has a global take just under $7M.  

In South Korea, Ready Player One was ranked second behind a local title earning $980K off 944 screens. That’s 14% better than the first day of Pacific Rim: Uprising and 33% higher than day one of Kong: Skull Island. RPO also came in ahead of all of the The Hunger Games movies.

Ready Player One slotted No. 1 in France with a 45% share of the top five pics  (55% share in the Paris market), grossing an estimated $794k with 85k admissions from 719 screens. That’s on par with Maze Runner: The Death Cure and ahead of Kong: Skull Island by 12% and Pac Rim 2 by 58%. 

The VR spectacle was also No. 1 in Italy with $323k on 604 screens, besting the opening days of Pac Rim 2 by +66%, Skull Island  by +74% and Death Cure by +88%.

The feature adaptation of Ernest Cline’s novel opens in 37 more markets today, including UK, Spain, Russia, Brazil, Mexico and Australia.

Global start for Ready Player is projected between $140M-$170M with a total of 62 offshore territories going with China this weekend, with overseas repping 71% of that global opening.

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