Men Earn 13.5% More Than Women At All3Media As British Superindie Reports Gender Pay Statistics


All3Media has become the latest British superindie to report its gender pay statistics.

The company, which owns companies including Undercover Boss producer Studio Lambert and Penny Dreadful indie Neal Street Productions has found that on a mean basis it pays men 13.5% more than women, while it has a median gap of 16%.

The group, which has 56% female staff and 44% male, performed better than the national average – which is a mean gap of 17.4% and a median gap of 18.4%. However, it couldn’t compete with rival superindie Endemol Shine UK, which had no pay gap between the genders for mean pay with women earning 4% more than men on a median basis.

It did perform better than ITN, which produces series such as Netflix’s Drug Lords. The company found that pays men an average of 19.6% more than women on a mean basis and 18.2% on a median basis.

Earlier today, one of All3Media’s owners, Discovery, found a 6.7% mean pay gap in favor of men across its UK business business, while within its central Discovery Corporate Services division, the only unit with more than 250 employees and therefore required by government to report, it had a 13.5% mean pay gap in favor of men.

All3Media, which is a federal system of independent production companies, was not required by law to publish its gender pay report as it has less than 250 employees at group level.

All3Media CEO Jane Turton says, “We strive to provide a flexible, fair, diverse and inclusive working environment that allows women and men to flourish equally. For us, this is a priority and makes for a healthy and vibrant work place.”

Meanwhile, its subsidiary Lime Pictures, which has more than 250 staff, has a mean gap of 9% and median of 11%. Lime produces series such as The Only Way Is Essex, Geordie Shore and C4 soap Hollyoaks.

Joint Managing Directors Kate Little and Claire Poyser said, “As leaders of the one of the largest independent production houses worldwide, we are delighted to show that it is possible for women to reach senior levels within the TV industry.  We are really pleased that Lime’s Gender Pay Gap tracks so positively against sector and national averages, however we want to ensure that at Lime, we continue to do all that we can to make sure that any woman from any background is given every opportunity to reach their full potential within the industry.”

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