‘Rob Riggle’s Ski Master Academy’: Crackle Series Sets Cast, Begins Production

Crackle/Catie Laffooon

Britt Baron (GLOW), Eliza Coupe (Future Man, Scrubs), Billy Merritt (Happy Endings), Dave “Gruber” Allen (Love), Alison Rich (The Goldbergs), Carl Tart (Comedy Bang! Bang!), Samm Levine (Freaks and Geeks) and Rizwan Manji (Mr. Robot) have rounded out the ensemble cast of Sony Crackle’s Rob Riggle’s Ski Master Academy, which has begun production in Malibu.


In the eight-episode series, Riggle, who is mostly known for his legendary ski master movies, has invested all of his money and reputation into an Academy celebrating America’s truest art form – personal watercraft riding. Rob, his legendary stunt man commandant Dirk Hamsteak (Merritt) and their entire staff of instructors spend a semester defending their beloved Academy at all costs. No matter how many people criticize it… go missing…or die!

Character descriptions are as follows:

Rob Riggle (Riggle), a brash, partying, self-proclaimed megastar prone to impulsive decisions and foolish investments. His latest venture may be his least necessary yet, but it’s also the one he’s most passionate about. Because of his eight ski master movies, Riggle is now considered the ‘Vin Diesel of the Personal Watercraft World’ (just ask him!). Rob sees it as his personal mission to teach cadets to be as kick ass and free living as him. And with his help, he believes, they too can be ski masters, but he has a dark secret and a mortal enemy to contend with this semester. Either could bring the whole place down.

Dirk Hamsteak (Merritt) was Riggle’s stuntman for all of his ski master films. Dirk suffered countless injuries doing way-too-dangerous water stunts for Riggle but remains loyal because after Dirk fell into a dark, pill popping, binge-eating spiral, Rob gave him a new life as commandant of his Academy. Rob also likes keeping Dirk close because he knows all of Rob’s deepest, darkest secrets…

Brit Brit Brit Hamsteak (Baron) is Dirk’s daughter and one of the Academy’s most passionate teachers. Brit desperately wants to follow in her father’s footsteps as a top water stunt performer and instructor. The problem is Dirk doesn’t want that life for her. At first, Brit’s relegated to teaching water safety, history and other land based classes, but she’s constantly plotting ways she can get on the water and show the world and her father her stuff.

Preggers (Coupe) is a southern, no nonsense sort of gal. She’s abrasive but principled and not to be screwed with. Her self-appointed role at the Academy is to epitomize the attitude needed to truly kick ass in the watercraft world, and celebrate the lake lifestyle she’s believed in all her life. Preggers practices what she preaches and keeps the entire Academy in line, allowing no selling out or unauthorized nonsense whatsoever. Rob met her in a bar fight, and hired her right after he got her fired. Preggers is not pregnant though…she’s just named after her momma…

Gil (Allen) is the Academy’s personal watercraft mechanic, lake hermit, and all-around character. He’s their sketchy version of Hagrid, and essentially came with the lake. Gil lives in a shack on the premises and knows all of the lake lore and all about his drinking buddy Rob Riggle. Sure, he’s had a few watercraft manslaughter convictions, but he’s still a valuable source of knowledge for everyone at the Academy and a sweet, helpful man…when sober and not dating mysterious women…


Chandler (Rich) is the youngest and most enthusiastic cadet. She’s a teacher’s pet who Preggers believes could use some “lake smarts” (i.e. street smarts for lake folk). Preggers vows to make Chandler a bit more awesome so she can survive in Ski Master society and pass her Lake and Ski Culture exams.

Chauncy (Tart) is a well-to-do cadet whose absentee parents are, for a time, bankrolling the academy. He is by far the Academy’s fanciest enrollee, and often is not afraid to question the staff and call them on their poor people nonsense.

Jeb (Levine) is a Levitical Scientist…his religion requires him to learn a cool water sport as a rite of passage. Jeb struggles at first, but ends up bonding with the core cadets.

Todd (Manji) is an older dad in the midst of a mid-life crisis who has jumped from rock ‘n’ roll fantasy camp to space camp right into Rob Riggle’s Ski Master Academy. He insists that people call him “Big Pound” and owns every season of Entourage on DVD.

In addition to Riggle, Jonathan Stern, Keith Quinn, Bennett Webber and Chris Pizzi serve as executive producers. Rob Riggle’s Ski Master Academy is produced by Sonar Entertainment (Mr. Mercedes) and Abominable Pictures (Wet Hot American Summer).

Rob Riggle’s Ski Master Academy marks Riggle’s second collaboration with Crackle. He also can be seen in the original movie Dead Rising: Watchtower, which is streaming on the network. On the film side, he currently appears in Open Road Films’ Midnight Sun, with Bella Thorne and Patrick Schwarzenegger; and next will be seen in Universal’s comedy Night School with Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish, which is set to release September 28.

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