Jim Jefferies Went To March For Our Lives In San Diego To Pass The Torche

Comedy Central

Jim Jefferies attended March For Our Lives in San Diego over the weekend, and broadcast the results on his Comedy Central late-night show, reminding viewers that, back in the day, his gun-control routine had gone viral.

“I was known as The Gun Control Guy,” he insisted, adding, “The movement needed its hero again.”

Naturally, the kids at the march had no idea who he was, though he regaled them with some of the best lines from his routine, including one about loading a musket giving you plenty of time to calm down between shots.

Jefferies noted some adults aren’t on board with the march or the gun control, cuing clips of NRA rep Dana Loesch saying kids can’t make adult decisions; ditto FNC’s Tucker Carlson. He followed that with clips of alt-right reports suggesting the students from the Parkland high school, who set the march in motion, actually being crisis actors.

“How do I know you’re not a crisis actor?” Jefferies asked one protester in San Diego.

“I’m broke,” the teen responded, simply.

“You say you’re 16,” Jefferies said skeptically to another teen at the march.

“I’m 15,” she corrected.

“See, the story has changed,” Jefferies said, not missing a beat.

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