Fizziology Begins Implementing Artificial Intelligence As Real-Time Monitor For Social Media


EXCLUSIVE: Two years ago in Sun Valley, ID, media moguls were told by Silicon Valley investors that artificial intelligence is coming to businesses “and it’s coming quickly.” Well, it has just arrived for one well-known market research firm — Fizziology, which is now part of Marketcast. Social media research firm Fizziology is implementing artificial intelligence for what is believed to be the first-ever, real-time monitoring using A.I. that will discover sudden changes on social media conversation surrounding a project, brand or ad category.

They are calling it VelocityWatcher and it monitors conversation outside of owned social channels as well to include comedic perspectives, complaints and the like — issues that don’t necessarily appear in automated dashboards.

The way it works is that Fizziology creates the monitoring system and then analyzes the alerts, and notify clients of the information so they can get in front of an issue before it exacerbates into a problem for the brand.

They expect the applications to be wide-ranging — for marketing departments, publicity and communications teams, crisis-response teams, consumer insight groups and advertising agencies.

“Most people don’t tag the brand, sports team, person, or company they are talking about in social media. In fact, we find that 70% of social conversations take place without using a brand’s handle or official hashtag,” said Ben Carlson, co-founder and co-president of Fizziology. “We created VelocityWatcher so that clients can be alerted to changes in the entire social conversation beyond what they are currently seeing through owned social accounts. A negative story that catches fire in social media can hurt brand value and impact customer sentiment in just hours. Speed – knowing what is happening as it is happening – is critical for both digital marketing success and for crisis management.”

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