Hollywood Reacts To Stormy Daniels ’60 Minutes’ Interview


Stormy Daniels’ appearance on tonight’s 60 Minutes was not only a fascinating piece of television, but also an all-out media event that had the country glued to their television. As Anderson Cooper sat down with the adult film star to talk about her alleged affair with Donald Trump, many people — including figures in Hollywood — grabbed the popcorn and watched her tell her story.

From Lena Dunham to George Takei, the reactions were very mixed with serious takes and clever jabs among Hollywood. Being the thoughtful journalist he is, Dan Rather tweeted, “One has a sense that the Stormy Daniel interviews tonight was but the first squalls of a gathering tempest” while others like Bill Maher cracked jokes about the situation saying, “First Karen McDougal this week, now Stormy Daniels – poor Anderson Cooper hasn’t been made to think about p*ssy this much his entire life!”

Alec Baldwin criticized the interview and encouraged everyone to “organize” and vote Trump out of office. Guardians of the Galaxy director tweeted out a joke, but countered that with a sincere tweet saying, “Lots of Stormy Daniels jokes over the last few months, but seeing her talking about how difficult this has been for her child is heartbreaking.”

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