‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ Tops $150M In Global Bow; ‘Black Panther’ Now #1 Solo Superhero Movie WW – International Box Office


UPDATE, writethru: Legendary/Universal’s Pacific Rim: Uprising came in slightly higher than Saturday estimates, topping $150M worldwide on its opening weekend with $150.5M. The debut clocked $122.5M at the international box office, including $65M in China which was the biggest home for the original 2013 film — and a large part of why the sequel was greenlit under the previous leadership of Wanda-owned Legendary.

Legendary is carrying the bulk of the estimated $155M production budget at about 90% while Universal is reportedly covering 10%. Pac Rim 2, which was roughly $35M cheaper than the first movie, was built for overseas — particularly Asia where some starts were solid, but not earthshattering. (For a look at breakeven potential, check out Anthony D’Alessandro’s scenario here).

Black Panther
The China launch number for the Steven S DeKnight-helmed sci-fi sequel is on par with Black Panther from two weeks ago, and that film only just crossed $100M in Middle Kingdom dollars on Thursday. Word of mouth is understood to be pretty harsh, not boding well for monster/bot legs there — the Saturday-Sunday drop was also on par with BP at about 36%. Wanda should go some way to helping prop up Uprising in China, but screen count will depend on how competition simmers with Ready Player One and a number of Asian movies coming into the market.

Outside China, Korea was the lead play on Uprising at $6.9M which is decent, but not great. Malaysia got off to a very good start to track above comps, as did Indonesia with the biggest opening day of all time for a Legendary movie. The latter two markets are among the emerging Asia hubs that we’ve consistently seen throw off big numbers lately.

Turning back to China, last week’s winner, Tomb Raider, saw a 72% drop and has now cumed $69.4M there. Overall, the Warner Bros/MGM reboot saw a 61% drop from the launch frame last weekend, now with $170M internationally and $211.7M global box office.

Black Panther for his part passed $600M at the international box office and has eclipsed Iron Man 3 and The Fate Of The Furious to become the No. 12 global release ever. T’Challa is also now the star of the No. 1 movie for a solo superhero (ie, not ensemble) of all time worldwide with $1,237.3M.

For families, Sony’s Peter Rabbit kept stuffing his basket with a $28M weekend and $76.3M to date abroad. That includes a great two weeks in the UK where the total is a hop, skip and a jump from $20M.

Dreamworks Animation
In other major toon returns, Universal scored with its first release of a DreamWorks Animation movie since acquiring the company in 2016. Boss Baby bounced into Japan on Wednesday via Uni’s partner Toho Towa with $7.8M to score the biggest opening weekend ever for DWA.

Also in Japan, Disney/Pixar’s Coco is keeping ‘em sweet with $16M after the sophomore session. The movie has now grossed $560M overseas to top Finding Nemo and become the No. 3 original IP animated release ever.

In other news, Fox/Chernin’s The Greatest Showman has crossed $400M worldwide after 13 frames. And, Searchlight’s Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri is now thisclose to $100M international.

Next week brings Steven Spielberg back to tentpole land with Ready Player One rolling out day-and-date pretty much everywhere, including China, but not Japan, and on 1,216 IMAX screens in 64 markets. Peter Rabbit will also be expanding his footprint for Easter.

Breakdowns on the films above and more have been updated below.


Legendary/Universal’s Pacific Rim: Uprising splashed down in 62 offshore markets this weekend, landing No. 1s in 30 to gross $122.5M including $65M from China where Legendary East is releasing. China was the biggest home for the original 2013 film, finaling at $112M before the exponential growth we’ve seen over the past five years in that market. Its success there was a key factor in greenlighting a sequel under the previous leadership of Wanda-owned Legendary, as were the other Asian markets.

The China launch for the Steven S DeKnight-helmed sci-fi sequel is on par with Black Panther from two weeks ago. That film, which had a reasonably higher score on reviews site Douban (6.7 vs PRU’s 5.8) only just crossed $100M in the Middle Kingdom on Thursday. Word of mouth on Pac Rim 2 is poor which doesn’t bode well for its legs there. It does, however, have Wanda muscle behind it which may help retain screens and a marketing boost. Ready Player One is on deck next Friday.

Outside China, Korea was the lead play on Uprising at $6.9M (429 locations) which is decent, but not great. Korea was the No. 3 market on the first film. Malaysia got off to a very good start to track above comps, as did Indonesia with the biggest opening day of all time for a Legendary movie.

Legendary is carrying the bulk of the estimated $155M production budget at about 90% while Universal is reportedly covering 10%. Pac Rim 2, which was roughly $35M cheaper than the first movie, was built for overseas, and particularly Asia where starts were strong but not earthshattering.

Asian markets are not slam dunk. Some of the more emerging hubs (Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan) have recently been throwing off big numbers, particularly when it comes to spectacle, but audiences throughout the region will continue to become more sophisticated. That’s also true in China. Still, making movies targeted to Asia such as this one was, is a practice that will continue especially as China continues to grow — “it simply can’t be ignored,” is the constant refrain. At the end of the day, it helps to deliver a good movie.

The IMAX China opening on Uprising was bright, scoring the biggest-ever March launch weekend at $7.6M on 507 screens.

Elsewhere on the globe, Pac Rim 2 had its 2nd best start in Russia with $6.8M from 1,537 locations to track ahead of the first film as well as Kong: Skull Island and The Great Wall. Mexico was also a No. 1 bow with $4.9M from 1,691, better than the first film, The Great Wall and Edge Of Tomorrow. Malaysia rounds out the Top 5 at $3.8M from 149 locations.

France is the top European market with $2.5M at No. 2 and the UK comes in just below that with $2.4M. Japan releases on April 13.


Tomb Raider
Warner Bros
Warner Bros/MGM’s Tomb Raider added $34.1M in its 2nd weekend, dropping 61% from the opening session last week. The Alicia Vikander-starrer is playing in 66 markets on approximately 20,290 screens and now has an international cume of $170M and a global haul of $211.7M. We’ve been getting varied estimates on the breakeven on this one with some sources pegging it at about $275M. A few have it lower with at least one person believing it could get close enough to at least have the parties discussing making another installment.

Japan is the only major that didn’t open last weekend and in its bow this session brought in $2.3M from 517 screens, topping the Divergent films and the first Hunger Games.

China saw a 72% drop in the face of Pac Rim 2 and came in 2nd with $11.6M. The cume there is $69.4M. Rounding out the Top 5 are the UK ($7.6M), France ($6.6M), Russia ($6.5M) and Indonesia ($4.9M).


Sony Animation
After last weekend’s hopping good UK start, Sony Animation’s family pic added another $28M in a total 39 markets this session. The international cume is now $76.3M, tracking ahead of the first Paddington and as Easter approaches. Pete held No. 1 in the UK with another $7M to dominate and double the combined starts of newcomers Pacific Rim: Uprising and A Wrinkle In Time. The local cume is $19.6M on the Will Gluck-helmed pic that’s got a bunch of Brits in the voice cast.

Overall, the bunny hopped in at No. 1 in nine of 19 new markets. Per Sony, for the same group of openings, the film bested both Paddington 1 and 2 by 35% and 79%, respectively. The top new plays are Russia ($3.9M), Australia ($3.2M, including previews), Germany ($3.1M, including previews), Spain ($1.7M) and Brazil ($1.4M, including previews).

The two Aussie actresses in the cast, Margot Robbie and Elizabeth Debicki, as well as Gluck, took part in a red carpet premiere Down Under and made the rounds on Australian TV, appearing on evening panel shows. MTV also arranged for Robbie’s brother to interview her as a surprise.

France, Korea and Japan are still to come.


Black Panther
Disney/Marvel’s Wakanda wonder is now the No. 1 highest-grossing solo-superhero movie (ie, not an ensemble) of all time at the global box office. That’s off of a $1,237.3M worldwide cume which lifts T’Challa to the No. 12 spot on the overall charts. Overseas, BP added $12.9M in the 6th session to cross $600M with $606.4M to date.

The film also crossed $100M in China while Europe saw an overall regional drop-off of 36% from last weekend. Especially strong holds were seen in Israel (-11%), South Africa (-18%), Belgium and Sweden (-25%), the Netherlands and the UK (-29%) and Denmark (-34%). Black Panther is now the highest grossing superhero movie ever in the Netherlands. It remained No. 1 for a 6th weekend in a row in South Africa.

The Top 5 markets are China ($102.7M), the UK ($62.7M), Korea ($42.8M), Brazil ($34.1M) and France ($30.6M).


Red Sparrow
20th Century Fox
Fox/Chernin’s Red Sparrow winged to a further $6.2M on 3,442 screens in 63 markets during the 4th frame. There are some solid holds here, including in Germany (-22%), Spain (-25%) and Australia (-35%). The offshore cume is now $76.2M for $120.2M worldwide. Germany leads on the Jennifer Lawrence-starrer with $8.37M, followed by the UK at $8.17M, Australia ($6.9M), Spain ($6.6M) and Taiwan ($$5.4M). Upcoming major market releases include Japan this week, France on April 4 and Russia on May 31.


Fox Searchlight
After passing $100M internationally last weekend, Fox Searchlight’s Best Picture Oscar winner swooned to $5.2M this frame on 9,554 screens in 47 markets. The cume is now an outstanding $122M overseas. China has lifted to $15.6M while France saw a 19% dip this session for $9.5M to date. Spain and Italy are both over $10M.


Disney/Pixar’s Coco held the No. 1 spot among Western releases in Japan for its sophomore frame. It opened on March 16 and has now cumed $15.9M locally. Overall, the weekend pushed Coco to $560M internationally which makes it the No. 3 highest-grossing original IP animated release of all time, behind Frozen and Zootopia. The worldwide cume is $769.3M. This session added a total $4.5M in 24 markets.


Twentieth Century Fox
Fox/Chernin’s The Greatest Showman whistled a $3M tune this session, its 13th, to lift the international cume to $236.5M. Worldwide, the Hugh Jackman-starrer has grossed $407.3M. Offshore, it played in 19 markets and on 1,088 screens this weekend. The UK has now put $54.9M under the big top to become Fox’s 5th biggest title of all time in the market, surpassing Deadpool. Japan is at $34.5M off a slight 16% drop.

Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time continues to struggle overseas with $2.3M in 13 markets this session, part of a staggered release. The cume is now $14.1M on the adaptation of Madeline L’Engle’s beloved kids book. The UK gross was $900K at open this session. Russia continues to lead at $5.8M, followed by Spain ($2.2M) and France ($1.7M). There are several openings next weekend including Italy, Australia, Brazil and Mexico.


Sherlock Gnomes (PAR): $2.1M intl weekend (19 markets); $4.6M intl cume
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri (FOX): $2M intl weekend (34 markets); $99.2M intl cume
Game Night (WB): $1.9M intl weekend; (51 markets); $34M intl cume
Mary Magdalene (UNI): $1.8M intl weekend (28 markets); $5.3M intl cume
Fifty Shades Freed (UNI): $1.1M intl weekend (48 markets); $267.7M intl cume
The Post (UNI only): $1.1M intl weekend (17 markets); $32.5M intl cume
I’m Losing Weight (UNI): $1M intl weekend (Russia only); $10.6M Russia cume
Lady Bird (UNI): $900K intl weekend (37 markets); $21M intl cume
Unsane (FOX): $805K intl weekend (5 markets); $805K intl cume
Den Of Thieves (STX): $600K intl weekend; $29.9M intl cume
Phantom Thread (UNI): $600K intl weekend (38 markets); $23.4M intl cume
Gringo (STX): $528K intl weekend (14 markets); $2.1M intl cume
Darkest Hour (UNI): $400K intl weekend (36 markets) $88.3M intl cume


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