John Dowd Out As Donald Trump’s Lead Lawyer In Russia Probe

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John Dowd, top lawyer on Trump’s legal team handling  the Russian election meddling probe has resigned.

“I love the president and wish him very well,” Dowd told NBC News after NYT reported news of his exit.

Dowd had advocated to cooperate with Mueller’s investigation to get it behind them quickly.

But that strategy seemed to have crumbled when Team Trump got list of question topics that Mueller’s team intended to ask Trump. Those topics included Trump’s firings of National Security Adviser Mike Flynn and FBI Director James Comey, the meeting of Don Jr. and others, with Russians at Trump Tower during the campaign, and the very misleading statement issued from Air Force One about that meeting.

In response to which, at Trump’s behest, Dowd had tweeted a call for Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to shuttter Mueller’s probe which he blasted as biased. agitated Trump began attacking Mueller by name on Twitter – because he thought Dowd’s statement was too wimpy.

In reax to learning of the lines of questioning Mueller was mulling, Trump also hired Joseph diGenova, the controversial, FBI conspiracy theory spewing former federal prosecutor. DiGenova is a champion of Trump’s WITCH HUNT theory about Mueller’s Russia probe.

Trump’s big legal team shakeup might not be over. DiGenova’s hiring, sealing Dowd’s fate, might also lead to firing of White House lawyer Ty Cobb, who also came from the Cooperate Camp. Stay tuned…

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