Disneyland’s Pirates Of The Caribbean Ride Makes Some Changes To Controversial Bride Auction Scene


Ever since Disneyland first opened the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in 1967, the attraction has become blockbuster movie franchise and a must-see for all who enter the gates of any of the Disney parks around the world. However, there has been one part of the ride that has remained controversial: the bride auction scene.

What may have been okay in the ’60s is now a bit insensitive and — let’s be honest — very misogynistic. Now that Disney has become aware of this, the scene that once had a redheaded character named Redd as part of a “wench sale” with signs that read “Auction take a wench for a bride” has changed with the times. Redd will now be a pirate who’s just pillaged the town’s rum supply and has something to say about it.

The Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at the Magic Kingdom recently received this makeover. The park reopened the new version of the ride on March 19 after they announced the changes last summer. Disneyland Paris received a similar revision last year while Anaheim’s Disneyland will get the makeover later this spring with work starting on April 23.

Take a look at the preview of the new and improved auction scene below.



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