Stephen Colbert Mocks Donald Trump For Rookie Mistake In Andrew McCabe Firing


CBS Late Show host Stephen Colbert was not impressed by Attorney General Jeff Session’s  move to fire former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe Friday night – two days before his 50th birthday at which time he would have been eligible for his pension.

It’s cold, but it’s also not the right cold way to sack a cop.

“Wrong! If you want to get rid of a cop two days before his retirement, you send him out on one last job with a rookie,” Colbert scolded, stating the obvious.

“I’m gong to go look behind those suspicious shipping containers. You stay here kid,” Colbert said, in character as the soon-to-retire cop, if he was being played by Ronald Reagan.

It does not end well for Rookie Cop.

And because he got canned on Friday, McCabe loses  his $60K a year pension, Colbert said, adding “That’s like half a porn star payment!”

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