‘SNL’ Imagines #MeToo Apology Spree By “Canada’s Harvey Weinstein,” Trots Out Impressions In ‘Jurassic Park’ Auditions

Bill Hader’s return as host of Saturday Night Live, where he was a cast member for eight seasons, saw him show off a range of different accents and characters as well as a fan favorite, Stefon. One sketch that went directly up Hollywood’s alley was a spoof imagining a fictitious #MeToo figure named Thomas Logan, who is dubbed the “Canadian Harvey Weinstein.”

The bit leans heavily on stereotypes about the Great White North — but hey, what’s sketch comedy for? Unlike many show business figures caught up in scandal, notably Weinstein, Logan doesn’t deflect or issue denials. No, the producer of such made-up masterpieces as Y’Don’t Say and It Happened At Tim Horton’s is polite, direct and contrite.

Like all of the other characters in the sketch, Hader’s Tom Logan draws out the vowel sound in the word “sorry” in a heightened, super-Canadian way. “I’ve heard all these accusations and I’m here to say it’s all true,” he says. I abused my power and I’m sorry. Ya.” The “CBC” report describes such grievous sins as Logan asking his assistant what brand of sunglasses she is wearing and complimenting her choice of sweater. Immediately owning his behavior, Logan recalls how he summoned HR and the apology spree began. Eventually even the night’s musical guest, the band Arcade Fire, most of whose members are Canadian, winds up apologizing profusely.

Although Hader confessed during his opening monologue to being nervous, as he was while a cast member, Hader had a smooth turn overall. The cast seemed to rally in teaming up with one of their own.

Nodding to the 25th anniversary of the original Jurassic Park, the show featured a wide range of impressions by the cast in a sketch “auditioning” as various celebrities.

The early-1990s parade of would-be-Jurassic stars includes Ellen DeGeneres, Hugh Grant, Drew Barrymore and Sinbad. (Hader as Al Pacino: “Which dinosaur do I buy the cocaine from?”) And, of course, Hader reprised his Weekend Update character, Stefon, who returned to offer tips to tourists who were in town to check out New York on St. Patrick’s Day. Hader barely kept from cracking up — not that anyone was complaining — repeatedly riffing on Roman J. Israel, Esq. and urging Colin Jost to “please, call me by your name.” Blink and you may miss a cameo from John Mulaney, a former SNL writer who went on to do stand-up.


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