California Pol To Wolf Blitzer: Donald Trump “Spinning Out Of Control”, Serious Security Threat, Has To Go


California Democratic Rep. John Garamendi says that if President Donald Trump fails to order the U.S. Cyber Command to respond to Russian hacking of U.S. utilities, it would be a dereliction of office and could amount to an article of impeachment.

“This whole thing is spinning out of control,” Garamendi warned CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Friday.

“We’ve got the President of the United States in a situation where his entire White House is falling apart. And, just yesterday we learned that Russia is hacking into our essential utilities: nuclear power plants, and on and on. This presidency is a very serious security threat for the United States. It’s time to get this guy out of there,” Garamendi told a surprised Blitzer, who thought they were going to talk about porn star Stormy Daniels’ claim someone from Team Trump threatened her, as her attorney teases her upcoming 60 Minutes interview.

” ‘Get this guy out of there’ are strong words,” Blitzer deadpanned.

“I’ve had it with this president,” Garamendi said. “We have a situation in which he has been, one year, not pushing back against Putin and Russia. During that entire year Russia has not only continued to hack our election processes but is also hacking into, gaining control of nuclear power plants, water systems, sanitation systems, aviation systems. That is an act of war…This isn’t me talking; this is from the Secretary of Homeland Security and Department of Energy.”

“They are threatening the very lives of Americans, to say nothing of our economy, and this president has said not one word about it,” he added.

Asked if the U.S. Cyber Command has been directed by Trump to push back against Putin, Garamendi replied, “We don’t know,” but he intends to find out and if they have not been told to defend the nation and push back against Putin and Russia, “it’s a clear dereliction of the constitutional responsibility of the President of the United States.”

It would be an article of impeachment if Trump has not done all he can to protect our national power grid, water systems, nuclear power plants, etc., the congressman insisted.

“If he’s not willing to protect them,  yes, that is an article of impeachment,” he said.

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