White House Tells Reporters Not To Look At H.R. McMaster In Trump Tumbril


“We don’t have any personnel changes at this time,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders insisted at Friday’s White House press briefing, days after President Donald Trump fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson by Twitter. Also Friday, Chief of Staff John Kelly reportedly told an invited bunch of journalists, OTR, that Trump was probably behind the reports of more cabinet shakeup.

“You guys would like us to be focused on” the White House cabinet chaos, but National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, who is reported by WaPo to be next on the chopping block, is focused on “big issues,” Sanders insisted.

Kelly on Friday held an OTR session with reporters to tell them Trump is likely speculating about staff moves to his pals outside the White House – who are then talking to reporters. That, according to Axios, the political news outlet that did not get an invitation to the OTR meeting and could therefore report on it, getting its intel “from three sources….who paraphrased the discussion.”

Yes, it’s gotten to that point: reporters in OTR meetings leaking info to reporters shut out of the OTR meeting and who, therefore are free to report on the meeting.

Kelly also made a point of communicating he’s not around for a lot of Trump conversations, so can’t be sure what Trump is and is not saying to people in his phone calls.

Here’s maybe a good place to note Kelly also is reported to have joined McMaster in the Trump Tumbril.

Kelly insisted there are no “active” plans to replace McMaster at this time, for what that’s worth.

Kelly also tried to downplay reports HUD Secretary Ben Carson is tumbril-ized after reports he ordered a $31K dining set for his office. Kelly told reporters that’s not such a lot of money for well-made furniture that could last 80 to 100 years, Axios reported. But, it appears Kelly forgot to slip Stupid Pills into the reporters’ drinks during that conversation.

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