‘Glee’ Actor Matthew Morrison Outraged Over Treatment Of Dog On His Chinese Movie ‘Crazy Alien’

UPDATED WITH VIDEO FOOTAGE: A disturbing and shocking video of a dog in a cage being hurled into the air, spinning around and then crashing into water on a Chinese movie set for Crazy Alien was condemned by its film’s star today, Glee alum Matthew Morrison. Apparently, they did multiple takes. A video of this was first revealed by TMZ.

Crazy Alien is a Chinese-language feature that marks the third installment in director Ning Hao’s black comedy trilogy. Glee is very popular in China, hence the casting of Morrison.

In China, the country itself does not have the same restrictions or care for animals that they do in the United States for shooting film and TV shows … or anywhere else for that matter. In fact, around the summer solstice in China, they enjoy a dog meat-eating festival there and eat dog meat as a matter of course.

There are much worse things going on than a dog being spun in a cage and tossed into cold water. It is also a traditional belief that an animal tastes better if it suffers in death because adrenaline is coursing through its muscles. A couple of years ago, a video circulated of a greyhound type of dog being killed by being forced into boiling water alive. There are attempts by some in China to recognize animal rights, but China remains one of the worst abusers of animal rights in the world.

Two years ago when Dalian Wanda Group came into town to host a presentation for what was an elaborate dog-and-pony show at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, executives from around the industry joined them on stage. One even talked about how we shared “universal values” and “the same DNA.” Apparently not.

Huanxi Media and Dirty Monkey are producing Crazy Alien with a China release set for February 5, 2019. Morrison is repped by CAA and management Podwall Entertainment.

Here is “whistleblower” footage provided by PETA, which is asking that the footage be cut and that Morrison donates his salary and others from the cast to donate theirs as well to animal-protection charities in China. Yes, they do exist.

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