Jimmy Kimmel Unveils New Melania Trump PSA On Cyberbullying

Jimmy Kimmel

First Lady Melania Trump, “who hasn’t been seen much since Winter Stormy Daniels hit Washington D.C.,”  is planning to meet with reps of Twitter, Facebook and Google to lead the fight against online bullying, said Jimmy Kimmel.

“Apparently the word ‘irony’ doesn’t translate from Slovenian,” joked Kimmel, who recently told O magazine that steering his late-night show monologues into politics has “cost me commercially,” citing “polls I’ve seen.”

“All she has to do to fight cyberbullying is take a hammer to her husband’s thumbs and phone.”

“Melania Trump holding a summit to stop cyberbullying is like Camille Cosby calling a meeting with Benadryl,” Kimmel deadpanned.

Then he unveiled the First Lady’s new anti-cyberbullying PSA:

It is important to set example for all children, whether they be Little Marcos, Lyin’ Teds, Sleepy-Eyed Chucks, Low-IQ Crazy Mikas, or Over-rated Meryls.

If we don’t treat each other well online, we are no better than fat little Rocket Mans.

May god bless you, even the haters and the losers #Sad.

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