James Corden And Shaggy Perform Donald Trump & Robert Mueller Theater


Shaggy and James Corden re-worked “It Wasn’t Me” on The Late Late Show to update viewers about Robert Mueller’s probe of Russian rannygazoo in the 2016 presidential election.

Blondly be-wigged Shaggy played President Donald Trump, while silver-helmeted Corden took Robert Mueller duty.

Among the highlights:

“Special counsel got you sweating like crazy, tweeting that it’s a witch hunt,”

“Open up, got some questions about Russia, evidence you should confront!,” Corden/Mueller told Trump/Shaggy, who was guesting on Cordon’s CBS late-night show to promo his upcoming Netflix movie, Game Over, Man!

“I’m just trying to learn the truth and figure out how much you know,” Corden/Mueller continued.

“All this time my investigation never took its eyes off you.”

“They may say I take too long and my probe is a giant fail.

“But stay tuned, my investigation’s putting Donald Trump in jail.”


“I’ll subpoena you to testify in front of a grand jury.

“Just know five of your associates have already plead guilty.”


“Manafort committed tax fraud!’

“It wasn’t me!”

“Those shady business dealings abroad.”

“It wasn’t me!”

“So many staffers who could be bought.”

“It wasn’t me!”

“How’d you think you wouldn’t be caught?”

“It wasn’t me!”

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