Seth Meyers: Donald Trump Axed Rex Tillerson After Claim Russia Poisoned Ex-Spy


NBC’s Late Night host Seth Meyers noted Rex Tillerson, who President Donald Trump fired-by-Twitter on Tuesday, was not a great Secretary of State, having the energy of a 14-year-old bloodhound on his third mint julep.

But, Meyers told Trump, “if you’re going to fire cabinet secretaries for being bad at their jobs, let me refer you to [Education Secretary] Betsy DeVos’s appearance on 60 Minutes. Not only was she wildly uninformed, but 60 Minutes also was her longest workday so far.”

Why fire Tillerson on Tuesday? “Yesterday he said the attempted poisoning of an ex-spy in London clearly came from Russia and will trigger a response,” Meyers noted. Tillerson just did not know the message would be “clean out your desk.”

Hopefully, Tillerson’s ouster, following so closely the resignation of White House chief economic advisor Gary Cohen puts the kibosh on talk that serious people can reign in Donald Trump, Meyers suggested.

The only thing more puzzling than people agreeing on work for Donald Trump 18 months ago are the people who are agreeing to work for him now, the late-night show host said. “I get first few ninjas who thought they could take down Uma Thurman in Kill Bill but what was the last guy thinking?”

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