TV Encore Tributes Set For Stephen Hawking; CuriosityStream Offers Previously Unreleased ‘Favorite Places’

Courtesy Discovery Channel

The legacy and genius of Stephen Hawking will be celebrated with special encore presentations of his appearances and programs, from Discovery Channel’s Into the Universe to Syfy’s Futurama. The streaming site CuriosityStream even has a previously unreleased episode of Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places, made temporarily available free of charge.

See below for a full schedule.

The various episodes will air over the next several days and evenings this week, beginning with tonight’s Futurama marathon on Syfy.

The streaming site CuriosityStream is making the entire three-part Emmy-winning series Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places available free of charge, including the previously unreleased third and final episode. The full series may be viewed through Friday, March 23, here.

“While we are mourning the passing of the epically brilliant Stephen Hawking,” said John Hendricks, founder of the Discovery Channel and CuriosityStream, “we are comforted by the fact that his profound insights into the workings of our Universe will live on and will inspire and inform future generations of humans who simply long to understand.”

Hawking, who was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in 1963, died at his home in Cambridge, England, early this morning at age 76.

In addition to the primetime airings of their Hawking programming, Discovery and Science will offer Hawking programming on their multi-platform apps, Discovery Go and Science Go, free to viewers with paid TV subscriptions.

Here is the roster of Hawking programming, so far:

Futurama: Syfy will air seven half-hours of Futurama tonight with episodes featuring Hawking voicing himself, including “Anthology of Interest I,” “Reincarnation,” and the four-part “The Beast With a Billion Backs.” The seventh half-hour, “Crimes of the Hot,” features Hawking as an iconic animated head. Wednesday, March 14, 11:30PM-3AM ET 

Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking: The Emmy nominated mini-series presented the wonders of the universe, revealing the splendor and majesty of the cosmos as never seen before. Thursday, March 15, 9-11 am; Saturday, March 17, 8-11 pm

Stephen Hawking’s Grand Design: Hawking addresses three more of the most contentious issues that surround scientific understanding. Did God create the universe? What is the meaning of life? And what he regards as the key to the cosmos: the Theory of Everything. Is science incompatible with religion? Thursday, March 15, 6-9 am

Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking: See above for description. Thursday, March 15, 3-5 am; Friday, March 16, 4-7 pm

Stem Cell Universe with Stephen Hawking: This 60-minute special delves into the subjects of stem cells, both embryonic and adult, to explore what these wondrous and baffling mechanisms are capable of. Hawking leads the exploration of what exactly stem cells are and if they are the key to our future or a ticking time bomb waiting to detonate? Thursday, March 15, 5 am

Did God Create the Universe?: Hawking unfolds his personal, compelling vision of the biggest question of all: Is there a god who created and controls the universe in which we live? To answer this controversial and age-old question, Hawking takes us on a journey through humanity’s history of appraising our place in the Universe – from Vikings facing down eclipses to the laws of modern cosmology. Thursday, March 15, 9 am

Stephen Hawking’s Brave New World: In this major series, Hawking presents his unique vision of the future by calling a summit of the world’s most forward thinking contemporary scientists in order to identify the innovations that will have the most impact in years to come. Thursday, March 15, 6-9 am

Stephen Hawking’s Grand Design: See above for description. Friday, March 16, 7-11 pm

Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places: The streaming site CuriosityStream is making the entire three-part Emmy-winning series available free of charge through Friday, March 23, including the previously unreleased third and final episode. The full series may be viewed here.


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