Comedy Central Goes For A Second Term, Sets ‘The President Show’ Telethon

Mario Cantone Anthony Scaramucci
Comedy Central

The team from Comedy Central’s The President Show is back on April 3, this time with an all-new, hour-long special, Make America Great-A-Thon: A President Show Special, airing at 11 pm ET/PT.

President Trump, played by creator/executive producer Anthony Atamanuik, is hosting a telethon to raise money for all of the projects he can’t get anyone in Congress to fund – like the Wall and infrastructure. Along with his sidekick, VP Mike Pence, (played by executive producer Peter Grosz), Trump takes to the Oval Office to raise funds via a good, old-fashioned telethon.

Said the telethon host: “Since Robert Mueller won’t let me do my show any more (WITCH HUNT!), failing Comedy Central BEGGED me to keep doing specials. And I know how to make money, I have been making money my whole life. Which is why I’ve declared bankruptcy four times.”

“We thought it’d be fun to have the president host a telethon” says Atamanuik. “Taking money from the American people is what Trump does best.”

“What can I say about Donald Trump that hasn’t already been said before… except that
Anthony Atamanuik is a genius. A stable, creative genius,” said Kent Alterman, President, Comedy Central.

Make America Great-A-Thon: A President Show Special is executive produced by
Anthony Atamanuik, Peter Grosz, Adam Pally, Jason Ross, and 3 Arts Entertainment’s Olivia Gerke,
Josh Lieberman and Greg Walter with Emmy Blotnick and Suzanne Fagel as co-executive producers.
The special is produced by Pally’s Clone Wolf Productions and 3 Arts Entertainment and is directed by Andre Allen. Sarah Babineau, Ari Pearce and Jose Acevedo are the executives in charge of production for Comedy Central.

The show will be available via Comedy Central on-air, online and mobile platforms. A second special is expected to air this summer.


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