‘Summer ’03’ Stars On Being “The Transformers Of Coming-Of-Age Movies” – SXSW


“You’ll come of age when you see this. Everybody’s going to come of age!” Summer ’03 star Joey King said during her stop at Deadline’s Studio at SXSW along with writer-director Becca Gleason and co-star Paul Scheer, who called the pic “the Transformers of coming-of-age movies.”

Inspired by true events, the story centers on Jamie (King), whose grandmother on her deathbed leaves her with two pieces of information: one involves a baptism, the other a blowjob. It sets Jamie and her family on an emotional roller-coaster ride while she falls for the wrong guy at the wrong time.

“She’s your typical teenage girl,” King described. “She’s kind of lost. She’s exploring options and she’s making mistakes, and it’s awesome and it’s crazy and it’s funny.”

Said Scheer: “Every character here goes through a little bit of a journey. Now that I’ve become a parent, you realize that parents are not like this flawless person who knows the answers to everything,” added the father of two. “So my wife and I, played by Andrea Savage, we also go a little bit nuts around this matriarch dying, and so it’s interesting to see.”

Jack Kilmer, Erin Darke, Stephen Ruffin, Kelly Lamor Wilson, Logan Medina and June Squibb co-star in the film.

To watch more of the conversation, check out the video above.

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