Alec Baldwin Doubles Down On Agony Of Being Trump, Tells Jimmy Fallon Twitter Feud Was “Surreal”


Alec Baldwin really, really meant what he said about the agony of becoming Trump. “It’s not like agony,” Baldwin told Jimmy Fallon last night about his frequent turns playing the president on Saturday Night Live. “It is agony.”

Baldwin’s immediate reaction when the Tonight Show host raised the subject was a retching noise followed by a Bronx cheer, then told the story about how the Trump role began when he and Lorne Michaels thought the then-candidate would never win.

“We thought we’d do three shows,” Baldwin recalls of those campaign days. “And then he won and I was laying in bed going, ‘Oh, no.'”

“I don’t need to tell you,” Baldwin told Fallon about Trump immersion, “it gets exhausting after a while.”

Baldwin reiterated that he do “a few” Trump SNL sketches this year, then spoke about his recent “surreal” Twitter feud with president. He wondered whether Trump sets aside a particular time of the morning to unload his Twitter barrages (he imagines the president in boxers and bathrobe, watching Fox & Friends and eating a “triple order of bacon”) or whether Trump gets alerts and responds immediately while, say, meeting with North Korean diplomats “talking about nuclear weapons.”

Slipping into his Trump voice, Baldwin said, “Hold on a moment please…Alec Baldwin, loser, loser, horrible movie, mediocre career…”

As for Trump’s tweet that true agony is being forced to watch SNL, Baldwin noted that the only forcing going on is Trump’s requirement that some people listen to him: “We call them the Cabinet.”

Watch Baldwin’s visit with Fallon above.


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