Las Vegas’ New $100M Kind Heaven Project Has Hollywood Touch

Immersive Artistry

A group headed by Walden Media founder and Miramax president Cary Granat, Star Wars visual effects pioneer Ed Jones, and Lollapalooza founder and Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell are teaming with Caesars Entertainment to open Kind Heaven, a new immersive 360-degree entertainment hub now set to open at The LINQ Promenade in Las Vegas in 2019.

The project will cover more than 100,000 square feet, and the budget is more than $100 million.

Granat, the CEO of Immersive Artistry, announced the project this morning in Las Vegas in a ceremony that included Farrell, Jones, Caesars Entertainment president of entertainment Jason Gastwirth and Clark County commissioner Steve Sisolak.

Kind Heaven will combine RF technology, Hollywood-style storytelling and wearable tech to immerse visitors in a personalized, exotic journey that offers the best of Southeast Asian culture, music, food, danger, fashion, exoticism, exploration, mystery and spiritual enlightenment. The soundscape will be created by Farrell, and the experience will include everything from dark and mysterious back alleys to a Forest Temple and sanctuary. Every area will feature different food, drink, and entertainment experiences — and everything will be available for purchase, including brands only available in Asia.

Immersive Artistry

Kind Heaven will be family-friendly by day and adult at night, and no two visits will be the same. The attraction will also feature five music venues/stages, featuring Southeast Asian bands performing in the U.S. for the first time; Farrell’s Jane’s Addictions and Porno for Pyros will also perform, and other big bands will be announced later — some will be real, while others will be holographic.

Cary Granat
Immersive Artistry

“Kind Heaven represents Immersive Artistry’s unique approach to entertainment, which blends storytelling with mythology and technology for a 360-degree communal experience that thrusts the audience directly into the action,” said Granat, Immersive Artistry’s CEO. “Perry Farrell and Caesars Entertainment understand the raw power of combining mythology, destination, entertainment, theme and retail, which is why they are such perfect partners.”

Added Jones: “We’re enveloping audiences in multi-sensory experiences and transporting them to places they have never been before. It is a new transitory experience and art form, not to mention a quantum leap forward from the traditional theme park experience.”

Granat, whose film producer and executive producer credits include the Scream sequels, Scary Movie, Spy Kids and The Book of Life, is next up producing the thriller Welcome to Mercy. Serik Kushenov, one of the significant investors in the Kind Heaven project, is also producing.

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