How ‘You Can Choose Your Family’s Jim Gaffigan Humanized Husband With Second Family — SXSW

Michael Buckner

They say you can’t choose your family, but director Miranda Bailey contends the opposite with her SXSW-premiering comedy, You Can Choose Your Family. Starring comedian Jim Gaffigan, Samantha Mathis, Anna Gunn and Logan Miller, the film centers on Frank, a seemingly normal father who turns out to have not one, but two families he’s been juggling for years.

Having worked for years as an actor outside of his stand-up work, Gaffigan found an interesting challenge in trying to humanize the character of Frank, a character who makes all the wrong decisions, and is lovable (to some) nonetheless. “I think some of the fun of acting is going against what people might think they’re going to view of a guy,” Gaffigan said, sitting down at Deadline’s SXSW Studio with Bailey, Miller and Mathis. “Like, a guy who has two families, you’d think he’d be a monster, but presenting a human quality to that…It was in the script, but there is something about the arc in this movie where the son gets to understand some of that [human side to Frank], and that really ends up being the only relationship he has at the end. “

Taking on the project, Miller joked that he was driven by the desire to one-up his onscreen dad. “I wanted to show him how the new kids do it on the block,” he said. “We taught each other a lot, but I mainly taught him.”

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