‘Outside In’ Star Edie Falco Comments On Lack Of Romantic Roles For Women Over 40: “It’s Such A Strange Thing” — SXSW

Michael Buckner

Seeing their romantic drama bow at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival before moving onto the broader festival circuit, Outside In stars Edie Falco and Jay Duplass were on hand at Deadline’s SXSW Studio yesterday to discuss their collaboration.

From director Lynn SheltonOutside In centers on an ex-con (Duplass) who struggles to readjust to life in his small town following his release from prison—having been sentenced for crimes he participated in as a youth—going on to pursue a romantic connection with his former high school teacher (Falco).

Approached by Shelton with a logline for the film, Duplass ended up coming on board as a co-writer on the film, and experienced a collaboration akin to those he has shared with his brother, indie darling Mark Duplass. “It was remarkably similar in that we didn’t get in the same room and write together,” the elder Duplass explained. “It was more just feeling it out, having a lot of conversations, and then trading drafts as we went, trying to find who these characters were and where the story was gonna go.”

Working with Duplass before on Gillian Robespierre’s Landline, Falco had found an easy rapport with the actor and relished the opportunity to join forces again on screen. Immediately grabbed by that chance and the strength of the writing, the actress was also compelled to take part in the project by the fact that it featured a woman over 40 in a romantic lead. “It’s such a strange thing—people think women over a certain age don’t have crushes or unrequited love. You’re not supposed to have it,” Falco said. “To get an opportunity to portray a woman who’s confused by her feelings, that knows that they’re not okay, but they’re strong, I really welcomed that opportunity.”

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