‘The Unicorn’ Star Lauren Lapkus On Universal Themes Behind Threesome Comedy — SXSW

Following up his Tribeca-premiering directorial debut, 2016’s Dreamland, director Robert Schwartzman headed to the American South with his second feature, The Unicorn. Featuring an outstanding ensemble, the film stars comedians Lauren Lapkus and Nicholas Rutherford as a couple who, four years into their engagement and unsure of themselves, opt for a threesome.

Appearing yesterday in support of The Unicorn at Deadline’s South by Studio, Schwartzman sat down with his stars—including Lapkus, Rutherford, Lucy Hale, Darrell Britt-Gibson, and Maya Kazan—to discuss the inspirations behind the project and the universal themes at its core.

“I met Nick earlier last year. I’ve been a big fan of Nick and Good Neighbor, his comedy group,” Schwartzman explained. “I’ve just been following his work for a long time, and the movies he made with our producer, Russell [Wayne Groves].” Meeting Rutherford to discuss the film, the director ended up having him co-write the script along with Will Elliott and Kirk C. Johnson, from his original story.

“I think the story is what captured my attention because I think it’s really relatable just to tell a story about a couple that isn’t sure what they need in their relationship to keep it going,” Lapkus said of her attraction to the project. “I think that’s really relatable and a story that, at its core, people can really connect to.”

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