Chuck Todd Responds To Trump — Vulgarity “Creates A Challenge To All Parents”


Meet the Press host Chuck Todd responded to President Donald Trump calling him a “sleeping son of a bitch” during a rally.

“I bring my kids up to respect the office of the presidency and the president,” Todd said during a brief appearance on NBC’s Washington affiliate. “I don’t allow them to say anything negative, ever, about the president.” He added, “It creates a challenge to all parents when he uses vulgarities like that.”

Todd winked at the dustup in a tweet last night promoting this morning’s broadcast. “Set those clocks and DVRs now before your eyes get too sleepy,” it read in part. On the show, Todd welcomed Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, and asked him for his thoughts on Trump’s comments. “I think you should be focused on what the policies are,” Mnuchin said. “He’s using these vulgarities in the context of a campaign rally, and obviously, there were a lot of funny moments on that rally.”

Trump, meanwhile, seemed to have monitored at least some of the Sunday morning news shows, though he did not single out Todd or Meet the Press by name on Twitter. In what for him was a fairly average-sized series of tweets this morning, he insisted that his approval ratings are routinely low-balled. The solution? “Turn off the show.”

He also moved to another media target, reporter Maggie Haberman at the “Failing New York Times.” The president sought to debunk Haberman’s story that described his dissatisfaction with the legal team handling the Russia probe. Haberman, he scoffed, is a “Hillary flunky [who] knows nothing about me and is not given access.”

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