‘Westworld’ Season 2: Jeffrey Wright On Bernard Lowe’s Conflict Between Corporate Guy & Robot Rebel


EXCLUSIVE: There have been plenty of hints dropped at SXSW about Westworlds second season and Shogun World, however, Jeffrey Wright aka host and Delos programming head Bernard Lowe stopped at Deadline’s studio in Austin, Texas to give us a sense of where his character’s robotic mindset is.

After shooting himself in the head, we last saw Bernard on a table being woken up by robo-Westworld-hooker Maeve (Thandie Newton), who was leading a small robo-escape out of the theme park. In season 2 Bernard has “got some health issues!” exclaims Wright due to that head trauma.

“He’s got some cognitive challenges as we enter the first episodes of season 2 and he has additional challenges that come up as he goes on board in terms of him being able to process,” says Wright.

But does Wright rise and join his host brethren as they lead a revolt in the park?

“Bernard is in a pretty peculiar, kind of unique position in that he’s got certain allegiances to both sides and I think that’s part of the consideration for him. I think given his robot brain situation and given kind of the social situation around him in terms of having been human and then discovering he’s a host, but he’s aspiring to kind of an awakening as the hosts are, the question for him at the beginning as you might expect is: ‘Where am I? Where am I in all of this?’ We lead from there.”

Here in our video interview, Wright lets us in on Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy’s process; how the actor was clued in very early on that he was an android, and how the writers don’t like to get ahead of themselves, rather create in response to a set of episodes they churn out. Last season Wright was in the loop on many of the series’ upcoming twists and turns, but “this year I know less” says the actor who was nominated for a supporting actor drama Primetime Emmy last year for his turn as Bernard.

Westworld season 2 airs April 22 on HBO.

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