White House Has A Violent Viral Video Hit On YouTube

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The White House has a YouTube hit on its official channel, but it’s sure to draw some flack from certain parental groups. The presidential home is showcasing a video that was used to illustrate violence in video games during a Thursday meeting between opposing camps on the issue.

The video, titled Violence in Video Games, is now exploding on the White House channel on the service, and is currently No.4 on the most-watched videos list on WH’s YouTube channel, with more than 618,000 views in less than 24 hours. The video is a collection of various vicious acts, starting with a soldier bashing another over the head with a club.

Reps from sides opposing video violence and the Entertainment Software Assn., a trade group that claims there’s no negative influence, met at the White House Thursday to discuss whether violent video games impact the behavior of children.

After the White House meeting, President Trump questioned whether violent video games had some responsibility in mass shootings like the recent Parkland massacre, as some contend.

The Entertainment Software Assn.has long maintained that video games are played around the world but the gun violence that exists in America is unique to this country and it’s not because of video games. They also stressed that there is evidence that shows there is no connection between entertainment and violence and then also talked about the ratings that are already in place.

Parents Television Council Program Director Melissa Henson said that the stats that they are providing are just not true, contending, “time is up for the entertainment industry to put a stop to marketing graphic, explicit, and age-inappropriate content to our children.”


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