‘The Secret Life of Kids’ Examined In Banijay Studios NA Doc Series

Photo credit: Joseph Viles/USA Network

A six-part documentary series that details how five-year-olds experience the social world for the first time premieres on 9 PM Friday, March 16, on USA Network.

The Secret Life of Kids is produced by Banijay Studios North America and offers an intimate look at how children navigate love, compassion, rejection, honesty and conflict. The action unfolds under the guidance of two teachers and two leading child psychologists, the latter providing commentary behind the scenes.

The series is filmed in a specially rigged preschool setting in Los Angeles with a group of children from across America. In each episode, the kids will take part in creative activities designed to explore child development.

Embedded in the process are two specialists in child development, Dr. Elizabeth Kilbey and Dr. Christian Conte, offering their perspectives on what they are observing in the context of the developmental milestones that children encounter at this age, such as emotional regulation, empathy and morality. The Secret Life of Kids is based on the award-winning format The Secret Life of 4 Year Olds, created and produced by Banijay’s RDF Television.

David Goldberg, Caroline Baumgard and Shauna Minoprio are executive producers. Two half-hour episodes will run each week.

“It’s true, kids do say the darndest things,” said Goldberg, the CEO of Banijay Studios North America. “Imagine what happens when they forget people are listening. While they are only five years old and they are often behaving as such, it’s fascinating to also see some very adult behavior on display.”


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