STX And Marketing Data Firm Movio Seal Partnership After Success Of ‘Den Of Thieves’

EXCLUSIVE: Feature film marketing data analytics firm Movio and STX Entertainment are officially partnering after the two worked together on Den of Thieves which used target marketing techniques to optimize the campaign. Den of Thieves, which starred Gerard Butler, cost around $30M and its $25M P&A spend was target marketed to the Hispanic and African American audiences which paid off as 25% of the audience came from those quads. The film itself, which was on industry tracking boards to open in the single digits, surprised with a $15.2M opening weekend.

Warner Bros. spent much more the same weekend on P&A trying to open the Jerry Bruckheimer film 12 Strong. At just over three years old, Robert SimondsSTXfilms had recently been working to optimize audience data and insights so that ad dollars would be spent efficiently. That includes as targeted a marketing campaign as possible.

Movio, part of the Vista Group International (creators of ticketing software), used machine-learning algorithms based on over 750M behavioral and transactional records on 100M moviegoers across all ages and demographic groups for more than 5,000 film titles then STX used that information for its feature film marketing campaigns by targeting audience segments based on actual moviegoer behavior and then engaging those audience segments via digital marketing and direct email campaigns.


“In the case of Den of Thieves, we leveraged Movio’s insights to identify most relevant audiences to directly advertise to,” said Amy Elkins, executive VP, STXfilms. “These addressable emails allowed us to connect early with our most avid moviegoers and remind them to buy tickets opening week and beyond. One of the key benefits of working with Movio is the ability to look at the return on spend and incrementality, and for Den of Thieves, STX saw a 12x ROAS and 50% incremental uplift in ticket sales.”

The Christian Gudegast-directed Den of Thieves, which also starred O’Shea Jackson, Jr., Pablo Schreiber and 50 Cent, was produced by Tucker Tooley, Mark Canton and Alan Siegel. It was released on Jan. 18, 2018.

Elkins said the data has been invaluable: “The Movio team have been great partners in innovating with us to create the all-important one-to- one connection with our audience.”

Den of Thieves 2 is in the works now.


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