Gary Oldman’s Son Writes Open Letter Defending Father Against Abuse Accusations


Fresh off of Gary Oldman’s Oscar win for his performance in Darkest Hour, his third wife, Donya Fiorentino came forward to bring up old abuse allegations against the actor. In response, Gulliver Oldman, Gary and Fiorentino’s son, penned an open letter passionately defending his father.

It all started when Fiorentino told TMZ “Congratulations, Gary and congratulations to the Academy for awarding not one but two abusers with Oscars. I thought we had evolved. What happened to the #MeToo movement?” The other alleged abuser she is referring to is Best Animated Short Oscar winner Kobe Bryant, who has past accusations of abuse.

In 2001, Fiorentino accused Oldman of physical and emotional abuse during their marriage. She claims that he choked and beat her in front of Gulliver and his brother Charlie. Her claims were investigated by the police, but no charges were filed.

The letter written by Gulliver was posted on a Gary Oldman fan account and was later confirmed as authentic by Focus Features. In the letter, Gulliver refuted the allegations, saying that his mother is lying.

He writes: “It has been troubling and painful to see these false allegations against my father being written about again, especially after this was all settled years ago. There is good reason that these specific articles and accusations subsided years ago.”

Gulliver goes on to say that these accusations were revisited in a Daily Mail article despite the allegations being discredited years ago. He says that “there is only innocence” in his father’s case and that “there never has been any guilt.”

He wanted the letter to be the “direct truth” of his father’s innocence and says that his father is “my one and true guiding light. My only hero.” As for his mother, he doesn’t want to appear that he is “speaking ill” of her and says that she has been “sad and very troubled” for most of her life.

“Yes, she brought me into this world,” said Gulliver. “She didn’t however, teach me how to be a part of it.”

Read the entire letter in the tweet below.

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