Oscar-Winning ‘Icarus’ Filmmaker Steps Up Calls For IOC President To Resign Over Handling Of Russian Doping Scandal

By Anita Busch, Amanda N'Duka


Icarus filmmakers have called for the International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach to resign for his role in what they have previously called “a backroom deal” for allowing Russian athletes to compete in South Korea.

The film Icarus, which was the Oscar-winning Best Feature Documentary, played a decisive role in exposing the Russian state-sponsored athletics doping program. The plot was so bold that is prompted the International Olympic Committee to ban Russia from the Olympic games in South Korea. The IOC then started backsliding on that decision.

On stage they praised the whistleblower and Russian chemist Dr. Grigory Rodchenkov while backstage they called for the resignation of IOC president Thomas Bach calling him “a crook.”

The filmmakers dedicated their award Rodchenkov and called him “a fearless whistleblower who now lives in grave danger.” Rodchenkov told the truth on the cheating operation. With Fogel’s help he now lives in hiding in the U.S. “in grave danger,” they said.

“We hope Icarus is a wake up call, yes about Russia, but in the importance of telling the truth, now more than ever” said Fogel.

And that truth continued backstage when producer Dan Cogan noted: “The goal of this movie was never to go after Russia. In fact, if you see from the movie, we were working with (Dr. Grigory) Rodchenkov because Bryan wanted to test the system internationally it just happened that Russia came up in the course of doing that because of the revelations about Girgory. We want clean athletes to compete. If there are clean Russian athletes competing we’re thrilled for them. However, what the IOC has done by banning Russia but then allowing so many athletes to compete has really been a fraud.”

Fogel took straight aim at the current president of the International Olympic Committee, calling him out for fraud.
“Plain and simple, Thomas Bach needs to resign,” said Fogel “He is a crook. What he has shown to planet earth and any athlete who believe in the Olympic ideal is to not trust it and not trust those rules. Because if you can corroborate and substantiate a fraud on this caliber that spanned for decades than essentially give that country to committed that fraud a slap on the wrist, allow 160 of their athletes to compete in the games, two of them found doping … what a fraud. What a corrupt organization. That man should be embarrassed.”

Asked about the threat to Rodchenkov, Fogel said, “From what we know, which is second hand information, the threat is very real. There is a hunt going on for him. More importantly, Russia has asked for his extradition. In Russia, he has been made out to be a liar and somebody who’s deceitful. The Russian media has not honestly reported in this story while they continue to blame this entire scandal on one individual, not taking a singly shrad of responsibility for this scandal … as to Grigory’s safety, it’s a precarious situation and we’re hopeful that our government will continue to protect him. As to his future, it is one that is in doubt because what we are seeing is that telling the truth doesn’t necessarily set you free.”

Icarus bested Faces Places, Strong Island, Abacus: Small Enough to Jail and Last Men in Aleppo.

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