‘SNL’: Alec Baldwin Gets Latest Jab At Trump, Pledging To Take Everyone’s Guns


UPDATE with video Alec Baldwin got in the latest jab in his back and forth with Donald Trump tonight, and without the benefit of Twitter. Bringing his Trump impersonation back to Saturday Night Live – the very one Trump tweeted is “agony” to watch – Baldwin riffed on everything from North Korea to Hope Hicks, and his Trump only had to look at a note card once (to read “I hear you and I care”).

Tonight’s SNL cold open started with cast member Alex Moffat as Anderson Cooper, who informed his CNN audience that in the wake of the tragic shooting in Florida, we should be able to look to our leaders for guidance. “But instead,” he said, “we’ll look to Donald Trump.”

Baldwin’s Trump then addressed audience, with Beck Bennett’s Mike Pence on once side and Cecily Strong’s Dianne Feinstein on the other.

The sketch didn’t shy away from the shooting, with Baldwin’s Trump bemoaning that he could only “run into so many schools and save everybody,” and that maybe it’s time “we just take everyone’s guns away, nobody is allowed to have a gun, not even whites.”

And yes, the entire world is laughing at us, Baldwin’s Trump said, just like the real Trump tweeted today. “China, Japan, Wakanda,” said the SNL version, dropping a reference to Black Panther. “They’ve got flying cars in Wakanda.”

Eventually Baldwin’s Trump got around to Hope Hicks (“I hate seeing her go, but I love seeing her walk away”) and the flood of White House resignations – they all left, he said, because they just couldn’t stop laughing at his Mr. Magoo jokes about Jeff Sessions.

Cue Kate McKinnon, who popped out from behind Baldwin to bring her hilariously creepy Sessions to the game. Watch it above.

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