Hispanic Media Coalition Stages Pre-Oscar Protest: “Enough Is Enough”

David Robb

The day before the Oscars, under darkening skies, more than a hundred Latinos demonstrated in Hollywood today to protest the “exclusion” of Hispanics from mainstream motion pictures.

It was their second protest in the weeks leading up to the Academy Awards, and organizers say that because the studios aren’t listening to their complaint, one of them may be singled out for a nationwide boycott.

“Because they have not been willing to talk to us, our next step will be to see which of the six major studios we will boycott nationwide,” Alex Nogales, president and CEO of the National Hispanic Media Coalition, told Deadline.

Behind him, the protesters called out each of the six studios by name, chanting “Oscars so white, enough is enough.”

The protest is part of NHMC’s ongoing efforts to increase positive media portrayals of Latinos and increase Latino employment in the film industry. Latinos make up 18% of the US population, but got only 3.1% of the speaking roles in major film from 2007-2016, according to a recent survey.

The NHMC held the first demonstration on February 5 to coincide with the Academy’s annual Oscar Nominees Luncheon.


This article was printed from https://deadline.com/2018/03/national-hispanic-media-coalition-oscar-protest-1202309472/