Donald Trump Takes Aim At “Alex” Baldwin In Early Morning, Subsequently Spell-Checked Tweetstorm


Early riser Donald Trump has taken aim at “Alex” Baldwin and has claimed that he preferred Darrell Hammond, who previously played him on Saturday Night Live, in a deleted and subsequently spell-checked tweet-storm.

In a 5 AMtweet, the President of the United States of America said Baldwin’s SNL Trump impersonation was “agony to watch”. This comes a day after Alec Baldwin said that playing Trump was “agony”.

“Alex [sic] Baldwin, whose dieing [sic] mediocre career was saved by his impersonation of me on SNL, now says playing DJT was agony for him. Alex [sic], it was also agony for those who were forced to watch. You were terrible. Bring back Darrell Hammond, much funnier and a far greater talent!”

The tweet appears to have been quickly deleted, a rare step for the U.S. President, before replacing the tweet with Baldwin’s name and the word ‘dying’ spelled correctly.

Baldwin has played the 45th Commander-in-Chief for two years, taking over for Hammond, who previously played Trump on the show. It is the latest war of words between the former reality host and the comedian; Trump previously called SNL, starring Baldwin, a “one-sided, biased show, nothing funny at all”, while Baldwin responded that Trump should be more presidential.

Trump is up early before heading to the airport, where he and the First Lady are expected to attend the funeral of Billy Graham before heading to Mar-a-Lago.

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