Seth Meyers: Donald Trump’s Bipartisan Gun Control Meeting Played Like ‘Die Hard’ Re-Write Table


President Donald Trump staged a made-for-TV meeting to talk guns, White House Communications Director Hope Hicks said so-long, First Son-in-Law Jared Kushner and Ben Carson stayed mum under the gun, and NBC’s Late Night star Seth Meyers took a Closer Look.

Carson is caught up in scandal after spending $31K for a dining set, despite federal law requiring congressional approval for any office-redo bill over $5K.

Meyers reminded viewers that Carson’s the guy who launched his political career with a 2013 National Prayer Breakfast speech blasting government spending and warning that the national debt at that point had hit $16.5T. Carson said back then that if you count one number per second, it would take 507K years to get to $16.5T.

While more members of Trump’s team came under scrutiny, POTUS on Wednesday invited cameras to cover a bi-partisan gathering on gun reform. It resembled his earlier made-for-TV meeting on immigration in which he had stunned some with non-Republican remarks, only to walk them back almost immediately.

During the gun meeting, Trump warned that hardening schools to make students safer could results in a gunman getting in, shutting the doors and “now we can’t get in….would have to send tractors through the walls.”

Trump’s talk sounded less like a Whit House meeting than the re-write table for a Die Hard movie, Meyers snarked.

During that meeting, Trump said “comprehensive” a lot. He wants a “comprehensive bill,” he said, adding, “some people don’t like the word ‘comprehensive’ because it represents things.”

“Is this the first time he’s heard the word ‘comprehensive’?” Meyers wondered. “He sounds like a kid in a spelling bee who is stalling for time.”

Meeting attendees got asked by reporters if they thought Trump would again do a post-meeting 180. “Because Trump changes his mind based on last person he spoken with,” Meyers explained. “If Trump had been at that Carson speech in 2013, he would have spent the rest of the day trying to count to $16T.”

Over on CNN, Georgia State Sen. Michael Williams got into an on-air kerfuffle with CNN’s Brianna Keilar as to whether Delta Airlines, which announced it no longer would offer travel discounts to NRA members, still was offering those discounts to Planned Parenthood.

Keilar noted there is no evidence Delta offers discounted travel to contributors to Planned Parenthood. Williams insisted he saw it on Google. Keilar explained that does not make it fact.  Williams dared her to deny Planned Parenthood is a “left-wing” organization. Keilar re-iterated there is no indication Delta is giving discounts to that org. Williams said they would have to agree to disagree.

“No! You don’t get to disagree with facts!” Meyers shouted. “The answer to 2 + 2 is not ‘Your word versus mine’!”

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