Sutton Foster Preaches Radical Kindness In Jordan Roth’s Latest Toon


Name-calling gets us nowhere – except maybe the Oval Office, but let’s call that a fluke. So in the spirit of radical, extreme kindness, actress Sutton Foster schools Broadway producer (and sometime Deadline pundit) Jordan Roth in the latest episode of Roth’s animated web series The Birds and The BS.

In case you didn’t see the first one, here’s the premise: Roth plays himself as a sort of sardonic, modern-day, besweatered Mr. Rogers, answering kids’ questions and welcoming cartoon guests (voiced, so far, by his famous friends) to spell out life’s enduring lessons.

Today’s question: In the current political climate, is it ok to resort to name-calling and other nastiness if the other side does it first, or maybe just deserves it? Is it ok to call Paul Ryan “a sycophantic bat boy who feeds on the blood of the underprivileged?”

No, says Foster, launching into an upbeat, catchy little ditty that lays out the ground rules for a more civilized society and a higher standard of discourse. “Rip off their balls with kindness!” she sings. “Spit sweet charity in their face.”

Agree with the sentiment or not – go ahead, be a jerk about it – but I’m guessing not even Paul Ryan could resist Foster’s sweet-voiced charms. Take a look and have a listen – the video’s above.

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