Jordan Klepper Swats At Alex Jones As Infowars One Strike Away From YouTube Ban

Jordan Klepper
Comedy Central

Comedy Central’s The Opposition host Jordan Klepper wants to help conspiracy theory wingnut Alex Jones achieve three YouTube strikes on his Infowars operation.

Jones’s operation snagged its second strike Tuesday, over another video about the school mass shooting in Parkland, FL. With Strike 2, Infowars is temporarily unable to upload new content. One more strike and YouTube will ban Infowars, as it tries to crack down on conspiracy theory hoaxsters.

“Three strikes and you’re out?! Nothing could be less American!” Klepper, who plays a Jones-ian alt-right version of self on his late-night show.

“Infowars has been truth telling like this for years, since Lizard People first demanded immigration rights,” Klepper crowed, before showing years-old clips of Jones declaring Sandy Hook shooting’s six and seven year old victims to be actors, and that the Aurora movie theater mass shooting was “totally staged.”

“Alec Jones says the things no one else would, because only he dares to stoop so brave,” Klepper ranted.

Jones has been spreading word to his followers about the “new narc” that’s yapping at his heels: one “Jordan Keppler,” who Jones says is host of one of the 10 shows that attack him five nights a week.

Jones has variously described “Keppler” as:

-A classic psychopath in school

-A failed actor

-A wart-infested butt

-A parasite that reads a teleprompter

-Diarrhea coming out of somebody’s ass

-A tumor in your MRI


-Turd Blossom.

“This ‘Keppler’ is a disgusting deep-state mole,” Klepper blasted.

“What I worry about is that the folks at YouTube won’t listen to reason,” Klepper cautioned his viewers.

“If  left unchecked, this Keppler might draw attention to other Infowars videos that YouTube could use as an excuse to ban them” cueing up screen grabs of Infowars declaring:

“PROOF: Boston Marathon Bombing Is Staged Terror Attack”


“The Orlando Shooting Was a False Flag.”

“The fact is, Alex Jones is facing potential ban from YouTube because of the things his show has said. Now, is that his fault? No! It’s the fault of people like Jordan Keppler. Opposers, don’t let the mainstream media and ‘Keppler’ win!” Klepper said, unveiling #BlameKeppler.

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