Bryant Gumbel Pays Tribute To Parkland High School’s Hockey Championship Win On ‘Real Sports’

Bryant Gumbel closed tonight’s edition of his HBO show Real Sports with commentary on the winners of the Florida state high school hockey championship.

“Despite being seeded last, the winners this past weekend upset the top seed in the semi-final, then went on to another upset, by a score of 7-4, in the championship game,” Gumbel began.

“Just two wins, but no small feat in light of the fact that, just 11 days earlier, many of the players’ classmates and teachers were killed when a young man, wielding an AR-15 killing machine sanctioned and protected by the NRA, made their school, Marjory Stoneham Douglas High School, the scene of America’s latest senseless shooting.”

He continued: “Ironically, for their efforts, the hockey champs from Parkland, Florida, earned 17 medals. That’s the exact same number of those murdered at Marjory Stoneham Douglas High on Valentine’s Day.”

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