Seth Meyers Mocks “Fake Tough Guy” Donald Trump’s Boast He Would Have Rushed High School Gunman

Seth Meyers

One of the worst things about having Donald Trump for president is that every time he goes on TV and blurts out the dumbest things in the world, the rest of us have to debate it like it’s real thing, Seth Meyers complained on his first night back after Olympics pre-emptions.

Since the latest school mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, FL. nearly two weeks ago, Trump has been “rambling nonsensibly about his truly deranged idea to arm teachers,” the NBC late-night star noted. On Monday, Trump told a gathering of the nation’s governors he personally would have run into the school to confront the 19-year-old who fatally shot 17 students and staff with an AR-15.

“There is really nothing worse than a fake tough guy,” Meyers scoffed. “Trump lives in a fantasy world where he’s some sort of action movie star who would rush in and save the day.”

But Trump did not stop there in his remarks to the governors. He lashed out at reporters who had accurately reported Trump’s plan to arm teachers is a plan to arm teachers.

Trump insisted he only wants to arm teachers who know how to use guns.

“I do not want teachers to have guns. I want highly trained people that have a natural talent, like hitting a baseball, or hitting a golf ball – or putting,” Trump explained. “How come some people always make the four footer, and some people, under pressure, can’t even take their club back. Right?”

Observed Meyers: “Even when he’s laying out a plan to prevent school shootings, he can’t hide how much he’d rather be playing golf.”

The only reason we’re still talking about the issue, Meyers insisted, is because of the latest attack’s survivors, who have demanded action and sparked national movement for gun reform, successfully disrupting the “usual routine” that follows every mass shooting.  For which the students are being subjected to attacks, Meyers said.

One Parkland student, for instance suggested on Twitter changing the name of AR-15’s to “Marco Rubios,” “because they are so easy to buy.”

“Damn! That is a white hot burn!” Meyers said approvingly.

But Fox News’s Laura Ingraham toook to Twitter to scold the high schooler for talking about adults in that manner, in the course of which Ingraham described the student as a sophomore.

Shot back the student: “I’m a junior.”

“Ingraham, what is wrong with you? Don’t go after teenagers on social media,” Meyers advised, snarking, “Marco Rubio might be eacy to buy, but Laura Ingraham is easy to own.”

Other conservatives have suggested the teen are being hijacked by “left wing” groups.

It’s clear evidence the students’ have got the NRA running scared, which explains Trump being sent into battle with his “deranged idea of giving guns to teachers,”Meyers speculated.

“This one of the worst things about having Trump as president; every time he goes on TV and blurts the dumbest things in the world, the rest of us have to debate it like it’s a real idea,” the late-night host complained.

He says,  ‘Hey, I think we should take incredibly stressed out people who make $30K a year and give them guns. And then Wolf Blitzer has to stand there and go, ‘[Expletive]. Let’s ask the panel. [Trump] said it, so now I’ve got to ask you, and you have to give me answers like it’s a real thing’.”

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