Jennifer Lawrence Talks Harvey Weinstein & Pay Inequity On ’60 Minutes’


Jennifer Lawrence appeared in an interview on 60 Minutes Sunday, addressing issues about Harvey Weinstein and pay inequity in Hollywood, among other things.

When asked by correspondent Bill Whitaker if Weinstein had ever been inappropriate with her she replied he hadn’t, but added “what he was did was criminal and deplorable and when it came out and I heard about it, I wanted to kill him. The way that he destroyed so many women’s lives. I want to see him in jail.”

Lawrence also discussed an issue she’s talked about at length since it was revealed during the Sony hack that she was paid far less than her male co-stars. At that time, she penned an essay, blaming herself for the pay inequity.

When asked by Whitaker, why not blame the studio, Lawrence answered, “Because I didn’t fight hard enough. It was my own mentality that led me to believe that I didn’t deserve to be paid equally.”

Would she do it again? Lawrence said she would not, adding “I feel I know my worth, and I feel like I work to keep it that way.”

Because of her stature, Lawrence said she can work with directors with whom she “and get a screenplay written, but also admits there is risk involved.

“If the next few movies don’t– don’t do well in the box office, I won’t– I won’t– I won’t get paid the same,” she added. “That’s the way it works. If you can’t prove that you– that you deserve that number, then you’re not gonna get it. So it’s very fickle. So I don’t want to sound like I’m on a high horse, ’cause I might be on a tiny little Shetland pony in a month.”

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