David Mamet’s Harvey Weinstein Play Has Title, Twitter Has Questions

David Mamet

That David Mamet play about Harvey Weinstein? Safe to assume there will be cursing, but other than that it’s anybody’s guess. In an interview with the Chicago Tribune to plug his new novel Chicago, the playwright ‘fessed up to penning Bitter Wheat, a play about Weinstein.

The Tribune article notes that “there has been great interest in the lead role expressed by a Chicago stage legend who is now a movie star,” but other than that, details are less than scant.

“I was talking with my Broadway producer,” Mamet tells the Trib, “and he said, ‘Why don’t you write a play about Harvey Weinstein?’ And so I did.”

No word from Mamet’s usual producer, Jeffrey Richards, and Mamet was mum on production specifics -when, where, how – but the playwright did tell the Trib, “Every society has to confront the ungovernable genie of sexuality and tries various ways to deal with it and none of them work very well. There is great difficulty when you are switching modes, which we seem to be doing now. People go crazy. They start tearing each other to bits.”

Other than that, no details.

Twitter wasn’t so quiet.

Stay f*cking tuned…

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