NRA’s Dana Loesch, Sitcom Star? ‘NCIS’ Producer Says He Got The Pitch


Dana Loesch, the conservative radio host who spoke for the NRA at this week’s CNN town hall on gun violence – and got a laugh-free response of hisses, boos and groans – once wanted to be a sitcom star. Yes, the woman who told CNN it “loves mass shootings” and that “crying white mothers are ratings gold” apparently sees herself as some sort of right-wing Mary Richards.

Paul Guyot, whose production credits include NCIS: New Orleans, The Librarians, and Leverage and who wrote for Felicity and Judging Amy, says Loesch once pitched him a sitcom idea starring herself. As Guyot remembered in a tweet (see it below), the pitch involved “ ‘A hot young mom who does far right radio show.’ Said her age & looks would make 1 side hate her & 1 love her so everyone would watch. Was obsessed w the potential fame & money. I turned her down.”

Judging by Guyot’s timeline, Loesch, now a conservative radio host, would have made her sitcom pitch around the time she was writing her website “Mamalogues” and perhaps hosting a radio program The Dana Show from St. Louis’s KFTK-FM. From 2014 to 2017, she had a TV program called Dana on Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze TV, but Blaze didn’t describe it as a sitcom: “Dana, nationally syndicated radio talk show host and two time best-selling author, unleashes her national clout on liberals with passion and accuracy.”

Loesch still hosts radio’s The Dana Show, and describes herself as “a conservatarian” with an “original brand of young, punk-rock, conservative irreverence.”

Deadline has reached out to Loesch for comment on Guyot’s claim.

And though Loesch doesn’t seem to have responded directly to Guyot since the producer’s tweet, her alleged pitch did spark an idea from an old hand in the game:

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