Noir Thriller VR Series ‘Memory Palace’ In Works From Telexist & Good Deed

Telexist Good Deed Entertainment

EXCLUSIVE: Telexist, the VR production studio behind the Sundance Film Festvial-premiering narrative film Dinner Party, and its parent company Good Deed Entertainment have zeroed in on their new reality. The companies are teaming on Memory Palace, a 10-episode VR noir thriller series that will be designed to be part cinematic VR and part interactive. Production is set to begin in April.

The series will center on Owen Knowles, a gifted young lawyer with the knack for seeing peoples’ lies. Disbarred after the mysterious death of his fiancée, he turns to legal depositions as a means to find the truth and seek revenge, and as a human polygraph, he is reminded daily that there is no truth…everyone lies, and everyone has a secret.

“We’re constantly finding new ways to tell stories in this fast-evolving medium,” Telexist co-founder Erik Donley said. “The opportunity to take this fascinating narrative and add interactivity is an exciting challenge that we’ve been working on for several years now. We are developing this project to be at the forefront of where interactive storytelling is heading.”

Telexist, founded in 2015 by Donley and Sam Gezari, counts clients including NASA, SkyBound Entertainment and RYOT.

“GDE is eyeing the future platforms available for content distribution and ways that storytelling can be experienced,” Good Deed CEO and founder Scott Donley said. “Following our successes this year, we’re excited to explore the VR medium with Telexist on Memory Palace and look forward to heading into production and bringing this story to life.”

Good Deed is behind this year’s Oscar-nominated animated film Loving Vincent.

Here is a trailer for Dinner Party, co-produced with SkyBound and RYOT:

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