Broadway’s ‘Frozen’ Producer Thomas Schumacher Accused of Harassment, Bad Behavior: Report


Thomas Schumacher, the president and producer of Disney Theatrical Productions and the president of the Broadway League, has been accused by former employees of sexual harassment and misconduct. The allegations, made in a Wall Street Journal article today, arrive the day before the first Broadway preview of Disney’s Frozen.

Schumacher’s position in the post-Disney Broadway firmament couldn’t be higher: He’s led Disney’s theatrical division since The Lion King, The Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin, among others.

Allegations in the WSJ article – which Deadline has not been able to corroborate – Schumacher is said to have sexually harassed a former employee named Bruce Williams, and in another situation was said to have made inappropriate racial remarks about another employees biracial son. That employee left the company with severance and a nondisclosure agreement.

Another example included in the article involved claims by employees of Disney’s 2006 Tarzan production that Schumacher made lewd comments about the title star Josh Strickland, including that the two had gone “naked tanning” together. Strickland confirmed a tanning session to the WSJ, but said “at no point did I ever feel uncomfortable” and that “any suggestion of nudity…is completely untrue.”

Disney, Disney Theatrical Productions, Schumacher and the Broadway League did not respond to the WSJ. Deadline also has reached out to each.


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