TV Station WLS Confuses PyeongChang, South Korea With P.F. Chang’s Restaurants

Winter Olympics

One is the location where the Winter Olympics are taking place. The other is a chain of Chinese restaurants. Chicago station WLS briefly confused the two during a news segment.

The station apologized for the gaffe, but suffered the major embarrassment of the mistake being noticed by the world. A station spokesperson claimed the graphic was prepped for a satirical piece by sports anchor Mark Giangreco but somehow found its way onto the broadcast.

Weekend news anchor Mark Rivera had the misfortune to be the on-camera face as the backdrop read “P.F. Chang 2018.”

The restaurant chain is playing along. It temporarily renamed its lettuce wraps “Pyeongchang lettuce wraps” and gave them away with entrees on Thursday

P.F. Chang’s also tweeted: “Contrary to this broadcast, we are not hosting the games,” a comment liked more than 5,700 times.

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